Training & Development

Make your strengths our strengths – each and every day.

Our exceptional international reputation is down to the people who work for us. Our employees around the world, all of whom have one thing in mind: to provide our customers with the best possible service and solutions. Our commitment to move “from excellence to perfection” forms the basis of our winning culture.


It’s a commitment that you too should consider accepting. We strive to achieve continuous improvement. We are a learning organization that sees the ongoing training and development of our people as an essential prerequisite for sustained success. For in this ever-changing world, we know we have to keep on our toes.


DORMA promotes diversity and inclusion – it’s your talents we want.


You bring your commitment, your expertise and your skills to the table. DORMA ensures that these talents are properly identified, continuously nurtured and wholly encouraged. DORMA Talent Management opens up opportunity for you to grow with us so as to achieve your full potential.


It’s important to note that we at DORMA adopt a strengths-based approach to leadership. We appreciate the diversity of our people and position them to leverage their skills and abilities. Thus, we ensure that we put you where you are going to be most effective – able to maximize the value added that you bring to DORMA – irrespective of whether you are just beginning your career or you wish to assume greater responsibility as a manager or specialist within our organization. Our focus here is not on teaching individual capabilities but rather on pursing a holistic approach to training and qualification.


You’ll benefit from our tailored development programs in the DORMA Academy and in our DORMA Area Colleges. And with “Leading DORMA 2020,” we have created an appropriate foundation program for establishing shared principles of management and leadership excellence. This helps DORMA’s managerial staff to remain responsive in this volatile world, to lead their people effectively through change while staying true to the financial obligations.