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  • Entry Door Exterior - vestibule side »

    Entry Door Exterior - vestibule side

    Medium stile aluminum doors with aluminum frame

    Vestibule side

    1. Auto Operator ED-900
    2. Closer
    3. Exit Device CD9600
    4. Concealed Power Transfer ES-105
    5. Frame Switch FS-1
    6. Mortise Cylinders 97D10BA138
    7. Power Supply PS-501
    8. Approach Box
  • Entry Door Exterior - exterior side »

    Entry Door Exterior - exterior side

    Medium stile aluminum doors with aluminum frame

    Exterior side

    1. Concealed Overhead Stops - 912S
    2. Door Position Switch MC-4
    3. Pivot OP440
    4. Intermediate Pivot 75220
    5. Rim Cylinder 87R20BA
    6. Curved Pull Handles TG 9306
    7. Pivot OP440
    8. Ada Wall Switch WS-1
    9. Card Reader Approach ES
    10. Power Supply PS-501
    11. Approach Box
  • Entry Door Interior »

    Entry Door Interior

    Medium stile aluminum doors with aluminum frame

    Lobby side

    1. Concealed Overhead Stops 912S
    2. Frame Switch FS-1



    Vestibule side

    1. Auto Operator ED900
    2. Closer
    3. Pivot OP440
    4. Intermediate Pivot 75220
    5. Curved Pull Handles TG 9306
    6. Pivot OP440
    7. Ada Wall Switch WS-1
  • Basement Entrance »

    Basement Entrance

    1. Floor Closer BTS 80F/SA
    2. Premium Lever Handle
    3. Mortise Lock
    4. Electric Strike
    5. Card Reader
    6. Cable Loop
    7. Door Stop
    8. Flush Bolt
    9. Flush Bolt
    10. Self Adhesive-Seals
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  • Office Stairway »

    Office Stairway

    1. Exit Device
    2. Door Closer
    3. Hinges
    4. Door Stop
    5. Threshold
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  • Office Entrance »

    Office Entrance

    1. Floor Closer BTS 80F/SA
    2. Premium Lever Handle
    3. Mortise Lock
    4. Electric Strike
    5. Card Reader
    6. Cable Loop
    7. Door Stop
    8. Flush Bolt
    9. Flush Bolt
    10. Gasketing
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  • Main-Entrance »

    Groundlevel Main-Entrance

    1. ES 200-2D Slidingdoor Operator
    2. Combination sensor - activator /safety sensor
    3. Control unit
    4. Secondary closing edge sensor
    5. Programm switch to select the operating mode
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 Office Applications

Office Applications

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Offices / Corporate

Offices / Corporate

Office and commercial environments require secure and compliant openings. DORMA's extensive line of door hardware products as well as our beautful offering of glass wall systems and applications meet or exceed requirements.

  • more » Commercial Bank of Dubai - Dubai (UAE)

    Dubai is one of the most advanced business metropolises in the world, yet it is still essentially defined by its traditions. One of the spectacular modern buildings here is the headquarters of the Commercial Bank of Dubai: the curved façade of the fascinating steel and glass combination engenders glittering reflections of the water with constantly changing colours.

    Commercial Bank of Dubai - Dubai (UAE)

  • more » Legal Practice Schaudt - Stuttgart (GER)

    In 2008, architects mori:projects C Wald M Phillips designed an 800 m2, two-storey suite of offices for a legal practice extending above the roofs of Stuttgart. Their remit was to combine an investor’s layout with the needs of a legal practice for the firm of Schaudt, Attorneys at Law, in order to create an interior design to enhance office process efficiency.

    Legal Practice Schaudt - Stuttgart (GER)

  • more » Serviceplan Agenturgruppe - Berlin (GER)

    The Munich company Serviceplan Argenturgruppe is one of Germany’s leading advertising agencies. Now its Berlin branch has extensively renovated its premises on Oranienburger Straße. In the attractive and newly designed penthouse suite, the executive board requested that flexible and transparent room partitioning systems be employed in order to enable this area to be as widely and flexibly used as possible.

    Serviceplan Agenturgruppe - Berlin (GER)

  • more » Sparkasse Münsterland Ost - Münster (GER)

    Banks naturally have exacting security requirements. Given that bank buildings have a sizeable workforce and high-frequency public traffic, safety is another essential criterion that must be fulfilled. These two high-priority requirements must be satisfied as comprehensively as possible, ideally without one compromising the other. DORMA offers integrated solutions to satisfy these sometimes conflicting demands, as demonstrated by the head office of Sparkasse Münsterland Ost in Münster.

    Sparkasse Münsterland Ost - Münster (GER)

  • more » Infrax West - Torhout (BEL)

    The new administration centre of the Belgian energy utility WVEM in Torhout is an architectural highlight that serves as a model for a new generation of energy-efficient office buildings. Crepain Binst Architecture, working in cooperation with VK Engineering, has succeeded in combining impressive design with innovative energy concepts.

    Infrax West - Torhout (BEL)

  • more » BPI Cascais Bank - Cascais (POR)

    The BPI Commercial Bank operates in Portugal, with about 1.7 million customers - from individuals, companies and institutions - through a multi-channel distribution network comprising 642 retail branches, 39 investment centers, 30,000 partners, structures dedicated the company (47 centers) and the Institutional Clients (6 centers), telephone banking (BPI Direct) and home banking service (BPI Net).

    BPI Cascais Bank - Cascais (POR)

  • more » Accountants and auditors Gooßen und Heuermann - Stade (GER)

    “In the first instance, it was important for these clients that the rooms in the newly constructed building would be bright, friendly, contemporary and offer a simple yet compelling elegance. At the same time, the materials used and the interior architecture had to be consistent with the shipping and maritime environment in which this partnership primarily practises. Consequently, the reception and the interior rooms of the archive on the ground floor, for example, have been designed along the lines of containers on a ship,” explains the Frankfurt interior architect responsible, Susanne Leson (Dipl.-Ing.) in outlining the spec.

    Accountants and auditors Gooßen und Heuermann - Stade (GER)

  • more » Ideenbotschaft Grey Global Group - Düsseldorf (GER)

    Three former barracks buildings with protected heritage status and a new building in the north of Düsseldorf are the place where Grey, an international marketing agency, masterminds its creative concepts. The brick buildings are of different sizes and used to house cavalry and infantry regiments. They have been comprehensively renovated, and some have also been extended. The historic façade has been complemented by extensively glazed exterior walls.

    Ideenbotschaft Grey Global Group - Düsseldorf (GER)

  • more » Procter & Gamble, Warsaw (POL)

    As the epitome of a successful company with over 300 world famous brands Procter & Gamble did realize a space solution that is both functional and representative. Thus, with the DORMA Variflex Hüppe operable partition system meets the requirements to make the space variable only and to make a creative statement.

    Procter & Gamble, Warsaw (POL)

  • more » George House, George Square, Glasgow (GBR)

    Originally built in 1979, George House is positioned on the north side of George Square, Glasgow’s principal civic square.  A £6.9 million revamp of the prominent 1970’s city office block included a complete revitalisation of the building’s internal space.

    George House, George Square, Glasgow (GBR)

  • more » Vodafone Campus - Dusseldorf (GER)

    With its new 86,000 sqm Group headquarters located on the former site of the Gatzweiler brewery between Viersener Strasse and Brusseler Strasse, the telecommunications giant Vodafone has created a huge space for the 5,000 employees destined to occupy the complex. Boasting 19 floors and a height of 75 meters, this future German HQ is one of the new landmarks setting the city of Düsseldorf apart.

    Vodafone Campus - Dusseldorf (GER)

  • more » Millenium Plaza, Warsaw  (POL)

    Millennium Plaza is an office and retail building located in the city centre of Warsaw. It offers modern office space tailored to individual needs of clients. Six floors of the building comprise  retail premises, fitness club, café, hairdresser, restaurants and Millennium shopping arcade.

    Millenium Plaza, Warsaw (POL)

  • more » New admin building for banc Sparkasse Mosbach – Mosbach (GER)

    Increased space provision combined with greater variability and flexibility in the utilisation of that space was required in order to enhance the working environment enjoyed by the bank’s staff. What better solution, then, than to combine the two facing existing structures with a glass atrium as a common roof and a bridge linking the two upper floors. The passage below the bridge structure was also incorporated within the overall functional and architectural concept.

    New admin building for banc Sparkasse Mosbach – Mosbach (GER)

  • more » Telewizja Polska, Warszawa (POL)

    A building with vast glazed spaces ended with a spiral twelve-floor tower located at the corner of ul. Woronicza and ul. Samochodowa. The work on the project lasted from 2001 to 2008.

    Telewizja Polska, Warszawa (POL)

  • more » Fusionopolis - Singapore (SGP)

    The new address for future-aligned technologies and forward-looking lifestyles is the two towers that make up Singapore's Fusionopolis. Over a total of 24 storeys and 120,000 square metres, the Japanese star architect Dr. Kisho Kurokawa has designed what he terms a “layered city”. With 24 of these vertically arranged “layers”, the build fuses together a complexity and diversity that would other wise only be found distributed over many locations.

    Fusionopolis - Singapore (SGP)

  • more » WMF communications centre - Geislingen/Steige (GER)

    In order to accommodate the growing numbers of people taking part in its training seminars, WMF (a major German engineeringcompany) decided to construct a new communications centre that would offer more space. The plans provided by the architects responsible place the emphasis on variability in capacity provision to allow for different sizes of seminar and training venue. The synthesis of functionality achieved within an inspiring architectural environment epitomises the very best of modernity, pragmatism and accessibility.

    WMF communications centre - Geislingen/Steige (GER)

  • more » North Gate, Warszawa (POL)

    North Gate is a 24-storey class A building 87 m high – apart from its core function offering offices for rent; it also provides commercial space and a restaurant on the ground floor.

    North Gate, Warszawa (POL)

  • more » THE SQUAIRE - Frankfurt (GER)

    THE SQUAIRE - an elegant name for a stunning building. The omega-shaped edifice is 660 meters in length, making it Germany’s largest office complex. It accommodates 7,000 office staff on nine floors. It is an exceptional space with optimal transport connections: right next-door to Frankfurt Airport, Europe’s second largest airport, and hovering above a mainline train station.

    THE SQUAIRE - Frankfurt (GER)

  • more » Fort Dunlop - Birmingham Post & Mail HQ, Birmingham (GBR)

    An architectural icon and Birmingham landmark, Fort Dunlop was for many years the headquarters and factory of the Dunlop Rubber company, but for the last quarter century stood abandoned until its dramatic redevelopment by regeneration specialists Urban Splash into office and retail space.

    Fort Dunlop - Birmingham Post & Mail HQ, Birmingham (GBR)

  • more » Angel Building – London (GBR)

    In the heart of Islington, a neglected 1980’s office block facing demolition was dramatically transformed into a hub of activity by Alford Hall Monaghan Morris as an award-winning contemporary urban office space with its mix of public atrium, café, and roof top terraces. 

    Angel Building – London (GBR)

  • more » The Shard - London (GBR)

    The Shard, also referred to as The Shard of Glass, has been described as a ‘vertical town’ and is set to dominate the London skyline for years to come.

    The Shard - London (GBR)

  • more » Bayerische HypoVereinsbank - Munich (GER)

    This conversion and refurbishment project was based on the "königliche Filialbank" (Royal Filial Bank) building complex of which parts are heritage-listed. Preservation of ancient classical facade combined with modern light interior was the target.

    Bayerische HypoVereinsbank - Munich (GER)

  • more » Quadrant 3, Regent Street – London (GBR)

    The Grade II listed former Regent Palace Hotel, located just off Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus, was redeveloped to provide a mix of office, retail and restaurant space around a central atrium. This environmentally intelligent building has energy saving technology, a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating and is one of four quadrant blocks undergoing restoration and redevelopment at the southern end of Regent Street.

    Quadrant 3, Regent Street – London (GBR)

  • more » European Investment Bank - Luxembourg  (LUX)

    Designed by Ingenhoven Architects and built on the Kirchberg plateau in Luxembourg, the new and elegant glass palace housing the European Investment Bank (EIB) is the epitome of energy efficiency and transparency. Thanks to the innovative, integrated design, the new building of the EIB in Luxembourg is the first on the European continent to receive “Bespoke” certification according to the British standard BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology), scoring a "very good" for its environmentally compatible concept.

    European Investment Bank - Luxembourg (LUX)

  • more » Galaxy Soho - Beijing (CHN)

    The office and building complex designed by Zaha Hadid lends an architecturally elegant expression of openness to downtown Beijing. A major project comprising four towers interconnected by bridges and walkways, this ensemble with its fascinating contours and intricate lightness presents a compelling external aspect.

    Galaxy Soho - Beijing (CHN)

  • more » Cira Center - Philadelphia, PA (USA)

    As Philadelphia’s first major office high-rise in more than 10 years, the Cira Centre adds an impressive contemporary element to the city’s historic architecture. Designed by famed architect Caesar Pelli, the 436', 28-story building is sheathed in glass, contrasting with the limestone exterior of the neighboring 30th Street Station. The skyscraper offers a state-of-the-art office and conference center, a modern restaurant/lounge, and a fitness center.

    Cira Center - Philadelphia, PA (USA)

  • more » Campus Repsol in Méndez Álvaro - Madrid (ESP)

    The new CAMPUS REPSOL in Méndez Álvaro, was designed by architect Rafael de la Hoz. He has opted for a horizontal development to gain breadth and luminosity on the lower floors.

    Campus Repsol in Méndez Álvaro - Madrid (ESP)

  • more » Santander Totta Bank - Tróia (POR)

    Santander Totta Bank, is a Portuguese bank belonging to Santander group. In 2007 it became the most profitable Portuguese bank (510 million euros).

    Santander Totta Bank - Tróia (POR)

  • more » The Bank of Spain - Madrid (ESP)

    The headquarters of the Bank of Spain is located in Madrid, with facades in Plaza de Cibeles, Alcalá street, Paseo del Prado, Madrazo and Marqués de Cubas streets.

    The Bank of Spain - Madrid (ESP)