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Public spaces call for access that is both aesthetically pleasing but also able to move large amounts of traffic through entrances and buildings. DORMA's range of automatic doors enable access for all.

  • more » Lyric Theatre, Belfast - North Ireland (GBR)

    The Lyric, is the main full-time producing theatre in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The new facility features a new main theatre with a seating capacity of almost 400 and a multi-function performance space 'The Studio' which can seat 120.

    Lyric Theatre, Belfast - North Ireland (GBR)

  • more » Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre, County Antrim - Northern Ireland

    The Giant’s Causeway is the most popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland and comprises over 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns that step down from the foot of the cliff into the sea.

    Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre, County Antrim - Northern Ireland

  • more » The Music House, Oporto - (POR)

    The Casa da Música (House of Music) is a concert hall in Oporto, Portugal, designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, which gives space for the institution of the same name and its three orchestras: Orquestra Nacional do Porto, Orquestra Barroca and Remix Ensemble. Its construction project framed in Oporto 2001 European Capital of Culture, and it has begun in 1999 and was completed in early 2005, six years after the due date. Immediately, it became an icon of the city.

    The Music House, Oporto - (POR)

  • more » Forum of Cultures Building - Barcelona (ESP)

    This event was organized with the aim to be a place where the world citizens could share, discuss and debate the most important and urgent issues of twenty-first century life.

    Forum of Cultures Building - Barcelona (ESP)

  • more » Darwin Centre,  Natural History Museum - London (GBR)

    The landmark £78 million Darwin Centre is the most significant development at the Natural History Museum since it moved to South Kensington in 1881.  

    Darwin Centre, Natural History Museum - London (GBR)

  • more » Fine Arts Museum in Bilbao - Bilbao (ESP)

    The origin of the current museum is located in the first Museum of Fine Arts, founded in 1908 and opened in 1914, and the Modern Art Museum, opened in 1924. Both institutions and their collections were joined in 1945, when the old building was built. In 1970 the modern building was added and in 2001, important alterations finally gave the current physiognomy to the museum.

    Fine Arts Museum in Bilbao - Bilbao (ESP)

  • more » Glass Pavilion in the Cuenca Exhibition Ground - Cuenca (ESP)

    With the new Glass Pavilion in the Cuenca Exhibition Ground, a multipurpose building capable of hosting concerts, festivals and fairs has been achieved as its very transparent and ethereal presence. Thus, the nearly 14 hectares of the complex have been fragmented into small structures that together make up a large space. The use of materials such as white painted steel for the structure, limestone floor and transparent or translucent glass roofs and facades, help achieve a fragile and lightweight appearance.

    Glass Pavilion in the Cuenca Exhibition Ground - Cuenca (ESP)

  • more » Clinton Presidential Center and Library - Little Rock, AR (USA)

    The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Center and Library calls to mind President Clinton’s campaign slogan “building a bridge to the 21st century.” The Library reaches up and out over the Arkansas River - providing dramatic views of the river, the city of Little Rock, and the chain of city parks that extends to and throughout the Library grounds. In addition to safely and securely storing the Clinton presidential archives, a primary design goal was to create clear interior vistas as striking as the exterior views.

    Clinton Presidential Center and Library - Little Rock, AR (USA)

  • more » Lisbon Oceanarium - Lisboa (POR)

    The Lisbon Oceanarium is a museum of marine biology located in Nations' Park in Lisbon. Opened in 1998, the Oceanarium was the centerpiece of the last World Exposition of the twentieth century, with the theme "The Oceans, a Heritage for the Future."

    Lisbon Oceanarium - Lisboa (POR)

  • more » Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center - Buford, GA (USA)

    The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center (GEHC) explores the impact of water on our history and everyday lives and the water management challenges we face in the future. The 59,000- square-foot demonstration building includes community meeting spaces, class rooms, historical displays, and a hands-on learning lab for children.

    Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center - Buford, GA (USA)

  • more » The Baluarte, Auditorium and Convention Centre in Navarra - Pamplona (ESP)

    The Baluarte, Auditorium and Convention Center is a large space that can harmonize science and education, arts and culture. It is one of the largest buildings for this purpose in Spain with over 63,000 m2.

    The Baluarte, Auditorium and Convention Centre in Navarra - Pamplona (ESP)

  • more » Fairview Baptist Church - Greer, SC (USA)

    Before moving into their new home, the Fairview Baptist church conducted services in a 40-year-old, out-dated facility. The older building was neither large enough nor up-to-date enough to meet the needs of the growing congregation. Years of planning culminated in a new 149,000 sq ft, $12 million campus, with a worship center seating up to 1,500 as the focal point.

    Fairview Baptist Church - Greer, SC (USA)

  • more » Riverside Museum - Glasgow (GBR)

    Funded by Glasgow City Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Riverside Museum Appeal, this museum houses over 3,000 exhibits and showcases the city's transport, shipbuilding and engineering heritage.

    Riverside Museum - Glasgow (GBR)

  • more » Kubicki Arcades at The Royal Castle, Warsaw (POL)

    The Kubicki Arcades is a building erected in the years of 1818-1821 according to the plans of a Polish architect Jakub Kubicki and located on the embankment on the eastern side of the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The Kubicki Arcades formed an integral part of the royal residence matching the landscaping foredesign of royal gardens on the Vistula's side. After a long period of neglect and devastation the historical object underwent a major reconstruction in the years of 1995 - 2006.

    Kubicki Arcades at The Royal Castle, Warsaw (POL)

  • more » FRAC - Rennes (FRA)

    The French city of Rennes is home to a distinctive building. Made from concrete, black steel and glass, the FRAC is radical in the best sense of the word. A museum of contemporary art, the building is a compelling sight amid its surroundings, providing a superb symbiosis of architecture and purpose that is immediately apparent to the onlooker.

    FRAC - Rennes (FRA)

  • more » Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw (POL)

    Copernicus Science Centre – a science centre established in 2005 in Warsaw with a view to propagate and popularise modern scientific communication. Visitors may learn the laws of nature through experiments conducted by themselves at interactive exhibitions. In the years of 2007-2008 the Copernicus Science Centre was granted the award of Popularyzator Nauki (Science Promoter) by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the "Nauka w Polsce" (Science in Poland) Portal of the Polish Press Agency.

    Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw (POL)

  • more » Chapman Cultural Center - Spartanburg, SC (USA)

    In October 2007, Spartanburg opened the Chapman Cultural Center. By locating many programs under one roof, the Arts Partnership sought to create a mutually supportive environment that could maximize the programs’ impact on the city for a long time to come. Spartanburg’s past was defined by a thriving textile industry. With most of that industry now gone, the Center provides a new and enduring focal point for culture, learning, and opportunity.

    Chapman Cultural Center - Spartanburg, SC (USA)

  • more » Aldo Leopold Legacy Center - Baraboo, WI (USA)

    The Aldo Leopold Legacy Center in Baraboo, Wisconsin, bears witness to the new resource awareness that reigns in the land once famous for its insatiable hunger for energy. The charity building designed and constructed by The Kubala Washatko Architects uses locally generated energy so efficiently that it can be operated as a completely CO2-neutral envelope. The Leopold Legacy Center was awarded a platinum certificate by the American Green Building Council in 2007.

    Aldo Leopold Legacy Center - Baraboo, WI (USA)

  • more » National Museum, Warsaw (POL)

    The National Museum in Warsaw was originally founded in 1862 as the Museum of Fine Arts and is currently one of the oldest art museums in the country. Modernist building in which it currently resides was erected in 1927–1938. Today, the National Museum in Warsaw boasts a collection numbering around 830,000 works of art from Poland and abroad, from ancient times to the present including paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, coins, as well as utilitarian objects and design.

    National Museum, Warsaw (POL)

  • more » The “Lutherkirche” – Heidelberg (GER)

    Heidelberg architects Rolf Schütte and Gerhard Beiler had an unusual and interesting brief. The new community centre of the “Lutherkirche” (Lutheran church) was to be directly linked to the church building while at the same time allowing flexible utilisation of the spaces provided. The community hall, the assembly rooms and the kindergarten “embrace” the church building both through their structure and their functionality. The two foyers and the corridors serve as the gateways linking old and new.

    The “Lutherkirche” – Heidelberg (GER)

  • more » Boston Children‘s Museum - Boston, MA (USA)

    The young visitors to Boston Children’s Museum are encouraged to encounter by all the major issues and aspects of the world in which they live: society, art, science, health, environment and cultural diversity – and with hands-on exhibits and join-in activities rather than everything being placed on pedestals and protected behind glass.

    Boston Children‘s Museum - Boston, MA (USA)

  • more » Chopin Centre, Warsaw (POL)

    The Chopin Centre was established in 2004 by the Minister of Culture and the execution of the design was directed by the Fryderyk Chopin National Institute. Deemed timeless and remarkable, the design by the architectural studio of Bolesław Stelmach i partnerzy was executed by Polimex Mostostal. The ready building was commissioned in March 2010. The lower part of the building was clad with concrete precast units to imitate the facade of the two-storey tenement house from the mid-19th c. which used to stand there. The upper part is glazed.

    Chopin Centre, Warsaw (POL)

  • more » Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Alexandria (EGY)

    The cultural center Bibliotheca Alexandrina opened in April 2002 was built under the auspices of UNESCO, and aims to build on the glorious past of the ancient library.

    Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Alexandria (EGY)

  • more » Maison Relais, Born (LUX)

    Born, a small town on the German-Luxembourg border, has considerably refurbished and extended its “Centre Polyvalent.” This multi-purpose community building contains an events room which can also be used for school sports and by clubs, a rehearsal room for the music club and rooms for the childcare center.

    Maison Relais, Born (LUX)