• Currency-adjusted sales growth of 7.3 percent • Innovation offensive to be launched at BAU 2015 • Capital expenditures of €40 million in German sites


Ennepetal, Germany. The DORMA Group has announced its provisional financial figures for fiscal 2013/14 as follows: Compared to the previous year, the DORMA Group posted a currency-adjusted increase in sales of 7.3 percent. Expressed in terms of the prevailing foreign exchange rates, reported revenue increased by 2.6 percent to around €1,060 million (previous year: €1,032 million). A major factor in this sales growth achieved in the year under review was the six acquisitions made in the UK, Italy, the USA and Australia. Earnings before taxes (EBT) rose significantly compared to fiscal 2012/13. Headcount at the DORMA Group increased in the year under review to an average of 7,555 employees (+ 7.4%). Due to the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the DORMA Group expects to publish its final, audited and certified figures for fiscal 2013/14 in March 2015.

“We are satisfied overall with the results of the reporting period. The acquisitions and continuing good growth in emerging markets have had a positive effect on our performance. However, the huge currency losses resulting from the strong euro have burdened our annual revenues to the tune of around €50 million. In the coming years, we intend to once again boost growth in the more mature markets as part of our DORMA 2020 strategy. This is to be achieved by, among other things, an innovation offensive and the implementation of substantial investments in our German sites,” says Thomas P. Wagner, CEO of the DORMA Group.

BAU 2015 to be the launch pad for the innovation offensive

The starting point for the innovation offensive will be BAU 2015, the leading world fair for architects, materials and systems. Appearing under the banner slogan “Access to Innovation,” the company with its almost 1,000 sqm of exhibition booth will be presenting new products ready for distribution (see also press release entitled “DORMA to present six new products at BAU 2015”). 

At the Security Fair in Essen, Germany, held at the end of September, DORMA debuted its new MATRIX AIR product family for electronic access control systems, signaling the company’s future focus on excellence in design and exceptional functionality married to optimum operability and convenience.

“Accompanying the ongoing urbanization process around the world, we are also seeing a trend toward ever more sophisticated and individual architectural solutions. And our entrance, access and partitioning systems are destined to become increasingly integral to the spatial experiences and perceptions designed into new and refurbished buildings. Aesthetic, sympathetically coordinated design attributes, together with surfaces and finishes offering true individuality, are the cornerstones of our customer-focused innovation strategy – as aspects that both embody and are complementary to exceptional quality and the very latest technological advancements,” Wagner adds.

In addition to advanced product solutions, the new customer-aligned innovation strategy also provides for an expansion in the company’s presence – particularly in the major cities of the world – and specifically the continued roll-out of DORMA’s new Design Center concept. Following the example of the Design Centers opened in New York and Dubai in the years 2012/13, the last fiscal year also saw the inauguration of three new “Showrooms” in China and one in Jakarta. These are to be used not only for the purpose of product presentation so as to underscore DORMA’s brand values and positioning, but also – and in particular – as venues for holistic customer consultancy services. To this end, DORMA is also investing in new and more modern sales offices around the world. These also feature certain elements of the “Showroom” concept – as already evidenced in Goteborg in Sweden, St. Gallen in Switzerland, Moscow in Russia and Cape Town in South Africa.

Highest gross investment in facility construction in the history of DORMA 

Innovative products backed up by reliable delivery and excellent service constitute the core performance promises of the DORMA brand. In order to further sharpen its focus on customers in the future, the company has put in train a series of capital projects at its German sites – in Ennepetal, Wuppertal and Zusmarshausen – that constitute real investments in the future. “The planned capital expenditures amount to a total of 40 million euros,” says DORMA CEO Thomas P. Wagner, adding, “which means we are talking about the biggest total investment in building work in the more than 100 years of DORMA’s existence.” 

The impending expansion and refurbishment projects show a clear commitment – particularly on the part of the Mankel shareholder family – to DORMA’s roots and its German home market. At the same time, the investments also give out a strong international signal. 

Wuppertal: High-capacity logistics and spare parts center

The Regional Logistics Center (RLC) at the Wuppertal site is being expanded into a European Logistics Center (ELC) and spare parts warehouse. The purpose here is to strengthen performance and efficiency in the fields of logistics and service for and on behalf of customers throughout Europe. In addition to the purchase of the existing site, which measures around 20,000 square meters, a further 13,000 square meters were recently acquired in order to enable this logistics capacity expansion. Moreover, an additional office building is to be constructed there in the next few years. “The new, larger site measuring a total of 33,000 square meters offers us sufficient options to facilitate further growth at our Wuppertal site,” explains Wagner.

Ennepetal: Innovation and Technology Center

In the future, therefore, Wuppertal will be the site at which all the customer support activities are concentrated – with, for example, the Area Customer Center serving Germany, the Service departments and the Logistics operation all in one place. Meanwhile, activities at Ennepetal are to be even more strongly aligned to innovation and production. The transfer to Ennepetal of DORMA’s electronics manufacturing operation, previously situated in Bonn, will have already been completed by January 2015. At the same time, transfer of specialty door manufacturing from Ennepetal to the company’s Zusmarshausen site, currently being expanded into DORMA Group’s European door factory, has freed up a production building at company HQ. Measuring 2,400 square meters, this has been earmarked as the core facility of the European Technology Center in Ennepetal, at which around 60 people will have jobs working on future-aligned developments in the field of Electronic Access Solutions (EAS). 

New Design & Innovation Center as a striking visual symbol of DORMA’s brand values

Located next door to the future electronics production facility, something quite special is being planned in the form of DORMA’s new Design & Innovation Center, an architecturally sophisticated combination of exhibition and event venue which, located directly at the main Ennepetal factory gate, will be a real eye-catching attraction once completed next year. “The new Design & Innovation Center will reflect our brand values ‘Design & Aesthetics’ and ‘Innovation’ to optimum effect,” says Peter Fisher, Vice President Group Marketing & Sales. “I am very much looking forward to the many inspiring events and exhibitions we have in store for it. The inaugural event planned for next year will be a reprise in Ennepetal of the exhibits showcased at the BAU trade fair.”

Two office buildings are also to be renovated or built as new in Ennepetal, and the car park is to be redesigned along contemporary lines. “In recent years, DORMA in Germany has undergone a phase of realignment. Now we are appropriately rounding this off by investing in the German sites and creating an essential platform for growth in Germany and across Europe,” says Thomas P. Wagner. “I am looking forward to all these projects coming to fruition and am particularly proud at what we will be creating here at our headquarters.”

Ennepetal, October 20, 2014

About DORMA 

DORMA is the trusted global partner for premium access solutions & services enabling better buildings. With over 100 years of tradition behind it, the company offers holistic solutions covering all facets of door operability – from hinges, closers and floor springs to automatic door systems and time & access control solutions. DORMA also supplies horizontal sliding wall systems. 

In fiscal 2013/2014 (June 30), the DORMA Group generated consolidated sales amounting to 1,060 million euros. Headquartered in Ennepetal, the internationally active DORMA Group is represented in more than 50 countries and employs some 7,500 people worldwide.

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