From Today to Tomorrow - the sharpening of the DORMA brand

From Today to Tomorrow - the sharpening of the DORMA brand

November 2012: Building on a tradition of over 100 years DORMA has defined a clear strategy to lead its strong brand into the future. The core brand values have been sharpened to align all activities and to differentiate the unique brand profile.  Its products and services are specifically aligned to the requirements and needs of its customers and partners. The company is focused on strengthening and expanding its leading position in the field of premium access solutions and services.
“Our brand went through significant refreshment. It has been redefined to capitalize on a very strong position today and lead it into an even more successful tomorrow”, explains Mario Dreismann, Vice President Group Marketing and Sales.

 “Quality and innovation” are two basic elements that serve as the fundamental core values of the DORMA brand. “Hassle-free” is another core value – because DORMA believes in the value of making things easier. DORMA is aiming to provide integrated solutions, making “Holistic” another pillar of the brand strategy. Last but not least, a strong passion for design and architectural excellence is deep-rooted in DORMA’s brand DNA and determines “Design and Aesthetics” as essential for the brand.  

The new brand profile shall be experienced by DORMA’s partners everyday and in every touch point. One central area to experience the DORMA brand in its new way is the upcoming showroom – the "World of Access" in Q1 2013 in Dubai. This brand experience center is far more than just a product exhibition – it opens up a new 360° brand experience and is destined to be implemented worldwide in order to make the DORMA brand accessible and tangible.  

The redefined brand is a vital part of DORMA’s strategy and will play a key role in achieving DORMA’s vision: To become a high-performance global company creating value through our full range of premium access solutions & services.

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