DORMA’s 9000 Series Exit Devices Reaches 15,000,000 Cycles

The 9700 series devices by DORMA are an industry first, which has been tested to a 15 million cycles as compared to the industry standard of 500,000 cycles required by ANSI/BHMA 156.3 for grade 1 devices.

DORMA’s 9000 Series Exit Devices Reaches 15,000,000 Cycles

MARCH 19th, 2012: DORMA has come out with an exit device to be used in fire escape doors, which will safeguard residents’ living in buildings. Most victims found dead in the recent fire incidents were due to the fire escape door failing to open as the exit device used in the door didn’t function.

DORMA raised the benchmark for exit devices by introducing the 9000 series Narrow Stile Exit devices. The 9700 series devices by DORMA are an industry first, by testing the product to a dizzy 15 million cycles, way beyond the industry minimum of 500,000 cycles as required by ANSI/BHMA 156.3 for Grade 1 devices. The 15 million cycles have been verified by an independent, globally recognized third party laboratory.

Benefits to the user:
The benefits to the end user are plenty with an unprecedented and unequalled milestone of 30 times the industry standard for cycle testing, assuring 'Best of Class' performance. It is the only device which can be used for all door configurations including narrow, medium or wide stile, flush, full glass, hollow metal, wood or composite.

The elegant aesthetics of the narrow stile by DORMA, removes barriers for adoption by designers, due to big and bulky looks with which exit devices have been associated for years. Apart from the device being narrow, the stile is also unique of being available in the market in the premium category with true stainless steel touch bar and assembly.

The 9000 series Narrow stile Exit Devices have a full length touch bar which makes it easier for the user to release the latches or bolts of the exit device compared to a partial touch bar. The devices have both ANSI and EN standards – good for the Middle East construction industry where both standards are equally popular. It is also the first device to be listed in the 'Future Build' portal of MASDAR, becoming the product of choice for Sustainable Projects.

Furthermore, an antimicrobial coating option of the device is available for ultra clean environments like hospitals. With these features, the 9000 series Narrow Stile devices will satisfy the demand for aesthetic and reliable safe egress solutions with the highest level of security, putting DORMA as the clear leader in the market for Premium Access Solutions and Services.

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