DORMA tackles extreme weather conditions with its new product

DORMA ED100 and ED250 gains fire and smoke-check certification

DORMA tackles extreme weather conditions with its new product

21st June 2012, Dubai UAE: DORMA introduces modular electromechanical swing door operators ED 100 and ED 250 to cater the varying demands of the construction sector of the Middle East market. The new generation operators have been certified for use on fire and smoke check doors, comes in a compact slender “contour” design with powerful units tailor-made especially for profile framed doors. The door operators have stood the test of working flawlessly in extreme weather conditions, from the harshest desert temperatures of the Middle East to the world famous Ice Hotel in Sweden.

Equipped with the integrated power assisted motor function, the DORMA ED 100 and ED 250 swing door operators ensures high-efficiency power supply with a reduced energy consumption in the no-load mode by 20% and by 73% in partial load range.  The operators have been very well received by those who have physical disabilities.

DORMA’s ED 100 and ED 250 have been integrated with an automatic wind load control system in full energy mode, thereby making the operators suitable for application, be it the exterior doors that are subjected to varying wind loads or the interior doors separating rooms where different pressure prevails. The system recognises the wind loads and adjusts through its inbuilt intelligence system.

The operator has an interface that makes the system upgradeable by just plugging in the required module, thereby fulfilling all required needs by the same operator.

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