DORMA 1800 Series door closer

Holder/Release device with integral door closer, with or without smoke detector teaser

The 1800 Series is an electromagnetically controlled door closer, available with or without integral smoke detector-power supply for use on fire and/or smoke barrier doors.

Hold open function

The DORMA 1800 Series Hold Open (H) function is designed for buildings where it is desirable to have smoke/fire doors in the open position under normal circumstances, but which must close upon loss of current. These units will operate as a standard door control, whether or not power is applied.

Swing free function

The DORMA 1800 Series Swing Free (SF) function is designed for buildings where it is desirable to have fire/smoke doors operating as if there were no closing device fitted under normal circumstances, but must be self-closing under alarm or loss of current.

Smoke and fire control

The 1800 Series door closer will allow unimpeded, easy access throughout a building while not affecting its integrity to control the spread of smoke and/or fire.

Door closing control

Upon interruption or loss of current in either the H or FS specification, the unit will automatically close the door from any angle of opening. This is caused by release of the electromagnetic solenoid, thus allowing the door closer to perform its function.

Technical Brochure [1]

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