DORMA Junior Office Fittings

Glass door fittings

Heavy duty usage in everyday life calls for durability. For many customers a good reason to choose Junior Office for their project builds.

DORMA Junior Office

Accessories are designed for demanding specifications to give reliable service in busy environments.

Product features

Junior Office is a fully-fledged hardware system with multiple options in surface design and large variety of lock options, handles and hinges. Even frequent opening and closing can not shake Junior Office.


Locks comply with DIN 18251, Class 3, according to the type-tested with 200,000 latch cycles and 50,000 deadbolt cycles. Lock models also successfully tested by a neutral testing institute with 500,000 latch cycles and 100,000 deadbolt cycles. To quote DIN 18251, Class 3: "The locks are also recommended for front doors and public buildings (so-called project locks).

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Junior Office

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