DORMA M-SVP 2000 DCW Emergency Escape Lock

Emergency escape lock with automatic multi-point action

The M-SVP 2000 DCW is a multipoint emergency escape motor lock with motorized locking and unlocking and integrated DCW interface.

Automatic locking

Locks the door immediately on closure.

Improved anti-intruder protection

Up to resistance class WK 4 thanks to multi-point locking.


Locking with 20mm bolt projection, plus additional protection afforded by hook or latch bolts top and bottom.

Emergency escape/panic function

The DORMA M-SVP 2000 DCW ensures that the door can be immediately opened by the lever handle for egress in the emergency direction.

DCW interface

Suitable for incorporation in access control and TMS door management systems.

Benefits for the installer/fabricator
  • Supply voltage 230 V AC
  • Operating voltage 12 V DC
  • Suitable for use on timber, plastic, steel and aluminum doors
Benefits for the architect/specifier
  • Approval for application in escape routes to DIN EN 179; suitable for use on fire and smoke doors
  • Suitable for incorporation in access control and TMS door management systems
Benefits for the user
  • Easy to use, excellent ensures enduring security and a long service life

Instructions/Manuals [1]

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M-SVP 2000 DCW

M-SVP 2000 DCW Mounting Instructions

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