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  • Ease of access

    Ease of access
  • ED 100/250 Automatic Swing Door Operator

    ED 100/250 Automatic Swing Door Operator
  • QV Village Melbourne

    QV Village Melbourne
  • ED 100/250 Automatic Swing Door Operator

    ED 100/250 Automatic Swing Door Operator
  • TS 93 1-5

    TS 93 1-5

Doors can be a barrier in everyday life for vulnerable people such as children, elderly or people with physical limitations.

Problems often occur with doors subject to internal air pressure differentials, external doors subject to strong winds, heavy doors or when fire and smoke protection doors are used. It must be understood that all of these door situations must be self-closing whether by regulation, security and safety measures or to assist with maintaining the internal building environment. As a result, those doors will quickly become barriers because children, elderly or disabled people often do not have the strength to open these types of door situations without assistance.

Many DORMA product solutions are helping to implement suitable accessibility requirements - and a sophisticated design.

Already in use for decades - Easy Open Technology

  • Rapidly decreasing opening torque for easy door opening
  • This latest technology allows the easy open function to commence from 0 ° door opening angle.

Easy open door closer TS 93

The TS 93 door closer series is highly suitable for doors that need to satisfy AS1428.1 and DDA requirements.

  • Spring strength sizing commencing at size EN1 offering a very low opening resistance.
  • Standard with delayed closing function
  • Aesthetically pleasing in Contur Design
  • Many optional arm variants.

ED 100 & ED 250

If doors are to be automated, the DORMA swing door operators are used. They both meet the fire regulations, DDA and are for doors up to 1400 mm door width, whether automated or fully supportive force for easy door opening by hand.

  • In open mode, the door swing door operators ED 100 and ED 250 are optimised for manual operation
  • Power Assist function allows you to open the door by hand
  • Barrier-free operation of the door satisfying DDA and AS1428.1 requirements
  • In addition, the door can be opened fully automatically using a button, sensor or remote control
  • Power assistance for swing doors - The swing door operators ED 100 and ED 250 recognise the time spent by the users force and adjust support accordingly. The door can be easily opened.

Coastal series lever furniture

The Coastal Series lever furniture solid and made of grade 316 stainless steel with its modern gleaming finish is suitable for many applications including corrosive environments; not to mention it has greater hygeine qualities which is highly suitable for medical facilities. Available with lever on plate or rose it is the ideal choice for barrier free doors. 

  • Lever designs available that meet the requirements outlined in AS1428.1
  • Complying AS1428.1 turn snibs enabling better grip and leverage
  • Vast range of plates, escutcheons and turns available for many different lock or latch functions

Free-swing TS 73 EMF

Ideal for nursing homes where patients often need control over a room door but are not able to open doors fitted with conventional door closers. The TS 73 EMF free-swing door closer has no resistance when 24 vDC power is connected allowing the door to function as a door would with no closer. Upon loss of power to the door closing device, often from the fire control panel, the closer reverts to a standard door closer.  

  • Free-swing function up to a door width of 1400 mm
  • Three differing spring strength sizes available

We will meet your individuality.

DORMA offer an obligation free specification service whether a small project through to large multi storey building, we are more than happy to discuss all of your barrier free requirements.

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