Movable Glass Partitions

A compelling solution for spatial planning that is flexible, efficient and visually arresting. DORMA glass partition systems enable layouts tailored to the given applications. Operated manually or fully automatically, horizontal sliding walls allow rooms to be merged or divided with ease.  With a variety of components, these flexible systems also ensure security and sound insulation, and deliver energy savings.

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    • HSW / FSW

      Horizontal and Folding Sliding Wall Systems

    • Ideal for any application where total vision is required
    • Adaptable to a wide range of requirements
    • Virtually any shade and colour combination
    • Suitable for both modernisations and new buildings
    • AS2047 compliant version
    This is an image of the DORMA HSW Horizontal Sliding Wall System.

    HSW / FSW

    Horizontal and Folding Sliding Wall Systems

    • Varitrans

      Movable Glass Wall System

    • Symmetrical curved profiles top and bottom (38mmx124mm).
    • Secure panel-to-panel interlocking to prevent jemmy/lever attack.
    • Each panel can be secured in position with a hidden locking bolt.
    • Front locking bolts or Key mortise locks available to suite any application.
    • German engineered technology & quality.
    • Designed for 10mm or 12mm Toughened Safety Glass.


    Movable Glass Wall System