DORMA Varitrans Movable Glass Wall

Movable Glass Wall System

Create an open floor plan and provide natural light with Varitrans from DORMA. Architects and interior designers can include the elegance and confidence of glass in their corporate, retail, and entertainment projects. Suspended from a universal multi-directional tracking system it allows the designer to tailor the system to their specific needs. Automated movement with ComfortDrive available.

Automate Varitrans with ComfortDrive

The Varitrans ComfortDrive is the automated version of the Varitrans glass operable wall that offers even more convenience. ComfortDrive allows the operable wall panels to move automatically to their individually pre-programmed location. The system is controlled by means of a user-friendly touch screen. Safety is ensured though a integrated monitoring system and shuts down on contact with an obstruction.

The benefits at a glance

Fully automatic operation at push of a button

Enhanced convenience with fast opening and closing speeds

Easy to operate with self-explanatory touch screen

Can be combined with several element types and systems

Reliable safety – system halted on contact with an obstruction

Individually programmable to customer requirements

Operating Modes

2-Point Suspension Panel systems provide the ultimate in flexibility. Each panel is moved independently into position. 2-point suspension is often used in multipurpose rooms, exhibition halls, and commercial buildings where maximum flexibility is required.

  • Stacking options : Multi-directional
  • Track used : R

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Varitrans Compactline

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