DORMA MANET Manual Sliding Door System

Manually sliding door with single-point fixings for interior applications

Thanks to the flexible modularity of the system, DORMA MANET offers architects and specifiers a free hand in implementing creative almost bespoke designs with space, vision and light as a foundation. The basic component is the single-point fixing which is countersunk into the glass and provides for a perfectly flush finish in all applications.

Sliding door system

The MANET sliding door system is ideal as an elegant addition to high-style interior concepts. Its main components take the form of a solid track rail and the roller carrier.
The fittings are designed for a door weight of max. 120 kg.

The range

The portfolio includes both glass-flush and proud single-point fixings. The sliding door system allows plenty of scope for individual ideas.
In addition to the standard versions incorporated in toughened glass partitions or face-fixed on masonry openings, this hardware system can also be used to construct curved sliding doors, biparting sliding doors and parallel sliding doors.

Mechanical stops

Mechanical stops can be positioned on the track rail to ensure the door travel distance is effectively limited.

Easy installation

All the single-point fixings are designed for clip-on covers for easier installation. Other components include the bottom pivot bearing, top pivot fittings with bearing spigot or eccentric bushing, and also overpanel / sidelight connectors.

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