DORMA AC 125 Premium and AC 225 Premium

DORMa access control units

DORMA units of access control are triggered by individual security codes, with high quality and sophistication. DORMA AC 125 Premium and AC 225 Premium access controls require a 12 VDC power supply and were developed specifically for the use in security systems, replacing keys and other control devices. It should be used with locks, electromagnetic locks or other compatible load device.

Technical details
  • A x B x C x D (mm) dimension 112 x 132 x 35 x 45
  • Weight (Kg) ~1
  • Current in the output relay (A) 5
  • Monthly consumption (kW/H) ~ 0,5

Through proper keyboard, many internal functions can be programmed, such as the clock setting, a time zone setting (to block an user during a certain period, as a work shift for example), the display of the last 25 events, the addition and deletion of users, password changes, setting the number of attempts until locking the keyboard, among others. With very affordable cost, its operation is very safe and comfortable with two versions that allow a number of adjustments.

AC 125 Premium

AC 125: keyboard with LCD display, perfect for locations that require registration and control of access.

AC 225 Premium

AC 225: in addition to the keyboard for password record, it has a central which can be installed remotely and provides increased security and protection.

  • Easy to install in any type of door.
  • Dismiss the use of conventional keys: the door only opens with personal password.

Allows a coercion password, which sends an alert to the central if there’s an attempt of invasion.*

  • Can add an alarm or a remote safety monitoring system for emergencies.*
  • It has low power consumption and provides long lasting high resistance.
  • It has a management software to record access on microcomputers.

Perfect for doors with electromagnetic locks.