DORMA XS-Cylinder Mastercard

Control via XS MasterCard

The convenient and versatile master key system for small-sized companies uses a programming card, the so-called "MasterCard" to allocate ID cards and transponder fobs to XS components.

The versatile trendsetter

The XS MasterCard is designed as a learn-delete system. The ID cards or transponder fobs can be authorised directly at the door. Programming is performed by holding the programming card (XS MasterCard) at the XS Cylinder. Then the XS Cylinder simply switches to programming mode and authorises or deletes the respective ID card as required. Lost ID cards or transponder fobs can also be deleted with the aid of the XS MasterCard.

Adjustable opening time

The XS component offers a Permanent Open function, which means that the door remains open until the user again holds the ID card or transponder fob at the reader module. As an alternative, the system provides short-term unlocking, which means that the XS component automatically relocks the door after a few seconds.

Technical Leaflet [2]

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XS Cylinder Mastercard

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XS Cylindr

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Specification Text [2]

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