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The MOVEO partitioning system brings enormous advantages to architects and operators alike. MOVEO makes room configurations more flexible, easier, faster and thus more efficient. The system impresses with a particularly low weight combined with high stability, making movement of the elements easy and enhancing userfriendliness. The enclosures created with MOVEO partitions are noticeable for their acoustic quality and good sound attenuation of up to 55 dB, allowing events to be held concurrently either side of the wall.


Simple combinations.
Among the many other benefits available with the MOVEO system is the combinability of the opaque and glass elements to create a harmonised visual effect unifying all the elegance and the technical sophistication of the MOVEO product family.


MSTS 5000 Vario
With MSTS 5000 Vario glass sliding doors, walls can be rendered multi-functional – with the easy sliding action revealing, for example, a visual display screen.
DORMA room management

MOVEO partition

MOVEO partition | Operable, sound-insulating walls for multi-use spatial layouts.

Project | Campari, Milan, Italy
Architects | Mario Botta, Lugano, Switzerland

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