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DORMA celebrates historic milestone of 100 million door closers

– of which: 10 million cam-action units manufactured since 1986

Ennepetal. With the manufacture of its 100 millionth closer, door system specialist DORMA has underlined its position as world market leader in this product segment. Since it began producing door closers in 1950, DORMA has developed into the international quality and technology pacemaker. In 1986, DORMA also started manufacturing high-quality cam-action door closers in the form of the TS 93. Its advanced technology offering a rapid decrease in opening resistance means that doors can be opened with 40 per cent less effort than that required for conventional closers. And since 1986, DORMA has already manufactured 10 million cam-action door closers, determined to convert the world market to this technology.

DIN SPEC report recommends cam-action door closers
The significance of this technology is underscored by the recommendations of DIN SPEC 1104 /CEN/TR 15894, a report published as a guide for specifiers. This contains recommendations on the equipment to be installed on doors in both domestic and public buildings. Its primary objective is to facilitate effortless door operation for children, elderly and disabled people. Essentially, DIN SPEC 1104 advises the application of manually operated fittings that reduce the opening resistance of a door by around 40 per cent in the sweep range from two to sixty degrees. With the benefit of Easy Open technology, DORMA cam-action door closers meet this requirement in full. The heart-shaped cam results in an almost instant decrease in opening effort, enabling the door to be operated with ease, even by children.

High-profile global PR activities
DORMA has launched a comprehensive campaign designed to draw attention to the advent of its 100 millionth door closer, focusing particularly on the regions of Central Europe – with its core German market – France, the UK, Asia and the USA. The Marketing and PR measures include advertisements in trade publications, online marketing activities and a brochure highlighting DORMA's cam-action technology. And the company’s customers are also set to benefit. In order also to publicise its 10 millionth cam-action door closer, DORMA is offering fabricators a "10 + 1" deal, i.e. 11 door closers for the price of 10. Employees of dealers and fabricators can also win some great prizes, including a trip to the scintillating Emirate of Dubai.



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Employees working on the production line of the premium TS 93 celebrate the advent of the 100 millionth DORMA door closer at the company's main manufacturing site in Ennepetal, Germany. There are 1,500 TS 93 units in the Burj Khalifa alone, the world's tallest building replicated here by DORMA employees with door closer packs.

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