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DORMA XS family significantly extended

Access control solutions even more flexible thanks to advanced electronics

Ennepetal, Germany. Electronic IDs instead of keys: with the XS system, DORMA is able to offer its customers an inexpensive and highly effective alternative to mechanical master-key systems. And now DORMA is expanding this flexible access control solution through the introduction of new XS cylinders and XS fittings for online integration. As a result, this key-less access control system can offer an even more comprehensive and versatile range of capabilities – from uncomplicated stand-alone solution to online access control network.

The major benefit: all XS components are not only quick and easy to install but also simple to operate. In addition, the system is completely void of cabling, thus enabling retrofits in older buildings. Proximity (i.e. non-contacting) electronic IDs allow user-friendly access while also providing reliable information for tracking all the opening and closing events within the corporate environment.

The new XS cylinder
Now there is an electronic XS cylinder specifically designed for the XS fitting. As a MasterCard solution or for use as an offline component within the CODIC Card system, this new component provides for an even more flexible access control concept – irrespective of the door situation or application requirements. The modular design of the unit means it can be used as a europrofile or round cylinder, or in compliance with SIS standards. Integration in other systems is also possible. The XS cylinder with guard offers excellent mechanical protection and is also available as a VdS-approved model (VdS = German Association of Property Insurers).

The XS fitting – easy conversion from offline to online
In environments involving frequent changes to the access rights data, online systems naturally constitute the fastest and most convenient solution. And now the innovative XS fitting is also adaptable to such applications.

The core component is a postage stamp-sized, battery-operated radio control module in the form of the XS transceiver (transmitter/receiver). This inserts inconspicuously into the housing and can be readily retrofitted into existing XS fittings. The XS transceiver communicates with the networked XS traffic point, thus integrating the XS fitting into the online architecture.

Each XS traffic point can monitor up to eight doors. And any combination is possible: doors with XS fittings including the transceiver module, doors with ID readers and a door contact for door-open monitoring, and doors with a keypad as the access control device can all be incorporated in the layout. The online XS fittings operate as ID readers. Consequently, the access rights of any number of employees can be managed centrally – and modified at any time – by radio control according to time parameters or other criteria.

Inexpensive initial installation
Because it can be used for both offline and online access control, the XS fitting offers particularly inexpensive initial installation in applications involving the monitoring of large numbers of rooms – especially where the functions of those rooms are not yet known. If requirements should change, reprogramming and adaptation to user needs can be performed both simply and quickly.

The XS fitting is also ideal for rooms that are kept locked and only seldom accessed. This is because it eliminates the problem of creeping security decline – rarely required keys can no longer be lost. Authorised personnel are granted access via a cancellable ID card only.

In sensitive areas in which there are only very few changes in the access authorisations, but where event logging is nevertheless required, the XS fitting again offers the perfect answer. It will also effectively protect office facilities within an inner security ring to which access from the outside is subject to online control.

Large number of authorisation rights possible
The XS fitting can be programmed and controlled offline as easy as the XS cylinder with its simple MasterCard procedures. However, offline programming is performed particularly elegantly with infrared data transmission using a PDS such as the Palm and the XS Manager software. Up to 2000 users and 1000 audit trail events can thus be transmitted into and out of the XS fitting. This functionality is supported by various access control systems: CODIC Card, IPEV and TIMAC.

The number of users that can be incorporated into the online system is unlimited. For such applications, the DORMA XS fitting is radio-linked by a transceiver module to an XS traffic point. This in turn interfaces with the centralised or decentralised access control system.

A major user benefit derives from the clarity of organisation available in the mixed mode where online, transceiver-online and offline-operated access control devices are provided for different doors. Even the most complex applications can thus be implemented and modified as required.

Advanced, intercept-secure radio transmission technology
The radio controlled transceiver module in the DORMA XS fitting operates in the non-licensed and approval-free ISM frequency range of 868 Megahertz (ISM = Industrial, Scientific, Medical). Encryption and authentication functions ensure that the system operates intercept-free and tamper-protected. The in-building radio transmission system has a range of around 20 metres and excellent interference immunity. The battery-operated transceiver module exhibits exceptionally low power consumption and offers a life of up to 30,000 operations over a maximum of ten years. For security reasons, battery changing and disassembly require a special mechanical key.

Rapid radio networking
Switching from offline to the online mode with DORMA XS fittings is a simple four-step operation. First, the transceiver modules need to be installed in the fitting and an XS traffic point mounted on the ceiling in the corridor. This is then connected by a DCW or DP1 data bus to the DORMA access control unit. The latter is Ethernet-networked with the higher-level access control system within the company or organisation. All common transponder technologies – Hitag, Mifare, Legic etc. – are supported by the system.

Ennepetal, 10 October 2006



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Electronic IDs instead of keys: with the XS system, DORMA is able to offer an inexpensive alternative to mechanical master-key systems. The new XS door cylinder and the XS fitting with online network integratability add a further dimension to the flexibility and range of applications of this key-less access control system – irrespective of the door situation.

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