BTS 80 System

    Universal application, individual functions and assured quality


    Whether standard, narrow or wide, whether LH, RH, or single or double action – DORMA BTS 80 and BTS 75 V door springs are designed for all types of door. A comprehensive program of accessories ensures that they can be used successfully with a wide variety of door constructions and floor coverings.
    Thanks to a wide range of functions, which can be individually selected to suit different requirements, DORMA BTS 80 and BTS 75 V floor springs offer maximum reliability and quality. Certified to ISO 9001.





    For the distributor

    • Reduced stock requirements because of separate, interchangeable spindles.
    • Slim product range offering all key functions.


    For the installer

    • Suitable for installation with LH or RH single and double action doors.
    • Interchangeable spindles enable easy adaptation to structural conditions – even when retrofitted.


    For the architect/specifier

    • Concealed installation for maximum visual elegance
    • All essential functions provided
    • Proven, robust design capable of withstanding leaf weights of up to 300 kg (BTS 80).


    For the user

    • Constant, temperatureindependent closing cycle.
    • Highly efficient mechanism gives maximum user convenience.