Adding versatility to interior design


    Classic Collection. Adding versatility to interior design.


    The classic collection adds sophistication to surface. With the wide array of colours and shades available as partition finishes, this range offers huge scope for individual creativity, enabling clients and designers to put their unique an individual mark on an interior design and adding visual value to commercial and private homes alike.




    From partition to design element – with colour and structure


    Die Welt der Farben bietet für nahezu jeden Anspruch den passenden Ton, um den eigenen Geschamck und die spezifische Identität auszudrücken. In privaten wie gerwerblichen Objekten. Von zurückhaltend über inspirierend bis hin zu auffallend – jede Farbe hat ihren eigenen Charakter. Die Dekoroberflächen der Classic Collection zeigen es beispielhaft – in zahlreichen Nuancen.


    Discreet colours. Refined reticence.

    Discreet white, grey and black define elegant restraint and purist design. They add scope to interior architecture while enhancing the impression of space. And they harmonise particularly well with glass elements. The room gives a feeling of alluring generosity and openness. Unobtrusive, these shades impart a truly individual note.



    Warm colours. Naturally radiant.

    Natural colours such as cream and beige create a pleasantly calming and gentle ambience, providing a background that elevates the overall spetial effect. Such tones harmonise beautifully with sunlight entering through windows and skylights. Combined with materials such as decorative aluminium, partition systems in these colours create delightful contrast.



    Strong colours. Setting a confident tone.

    Clients an interior designers wishing to make a clear colour statement will tend to choose de decor in jade green, lavender blue or bordeaux. These bold shadesexude self-confidence ans maybe even a leaning towards extravagance. they impart to variable partition systems a dominant role within the room, deliberately accentuating their presence in wathever confuguration chosen.


    Brown shades. Always tasteful in character.

    Select, warm, appeling and engaging - these are the attributes associated with brown shades, evidencing sureness of taste. Particularly when applied to larger arears such as those encountered in operable partitions, such those exude expressive elegance. Combinad with natural meterials such as bamboo or stone, browns give grace to the interior, conveying stylish understatement.


    Aluminium. Emphasising functionality.

    Aluminium is particularly suitable as an office finish, accentating the perception of reputable restraint. The spatial feeling can be discribed as neutral and balanced. At the same time, this tone offers plenty of design freedom to impart to the interior a more unconventional note with fabrics or furnishings in vibrant colours, creating i timeless atmosphere of undiminshed modernity.



    Light wood shades. Natural charm.

    Decors in light wood shades create a spatial experience characterised by natural permanency, effortless harmony and easy uniformity. The fine wood grain structures of birch, maple and beech create a soft, elementas ambiance. Such finishes contrast well with fixtures and fittings in black with stainless steel or aluminium trim to produce a rounded appearance of natural appeal.


    Dark wood shades. For contrasts rich in quality.

    Dark wood shades are capable of creating a natural spatial feel that lends itself to contrasting decor. Concise in expression and exuding strength, they awaken associations of quality and precision craftmanships. An operable partition system in such tones remains clearly defined with respect to other surfaces and marries well with white or grey to generate an expectant atmosphere.



    The attribute of the Classic Collection


    • High-quality laminate with melamine resin surface of parchment structure – RM (raw) in accordance with EN 438, Part 2.
    • Resistant to light (in accordance with Step6, Blue Wool Scale), scratching (to EN 438, Step 1-2), wear, tear and cracking, and also to standard acid-free household cleaners.
    • No release of toxic, corrosive or other injurious substances in the event of fire.
    • Surface can be cleaned with all common household cleaning products with the exception of those containing scouring agents.