MANET Concept

    DORMA MANET is a flexible modular system that gives architects and designers a freehand to create:

    • pivoting or sliding doors
    • space configuring glass partitions
    • customised furniture design

    The distinctive MANET single-point fixings ensure a minimalist appearance and the creation of light, space and vision in any room.
    The MANET Concept range has now been updated with three variants.

    Variant 1 is MANET Neu which uses a softer design and new technical enhancements provide benefits for the installer in terms of ease of adjustment and faster fixing.

    Variant 2 is the original MANET Concept system with single point fixings that secure the track to the substructure.

    Variant 3, MANET COMPACT, uses standardised pivoting and sliding door sets which DORMA can provide in kit form.