Maximus shopping centre, Warschau

Maximus shopping centre: inspired by the Greyhound bus

"The unique challenges which one faces as an architect in the design of a building make each individual project a prototype in its own right," asserts Szymon Wojciechowski of Polish architectural partnership APA Wojciechowski. He took his inspiration for the Maximus shopping centre, situated just before the gates of Warsaw, from America’s Greyhound buses of the 1950s and 60s. The result: inclined walls, round shapes and entrances with all sorts of innovative details. Covering an area of 92,000 square metres, this gigantic retail complex boasts 700 shops and businesses—and over 200 sliding doors. In the hall entrances alone can be found 192 DORMA ST-R/ES EC2 doors. A further 48 telescopic sliding door systems of the type TST-R/ES 90 were also supplied by DORMA.

Project Info
Project Maximus shopping centre, Warschau
Architect Architects: APA Wojciechowski, Warschau
Constructed 2004-2009
Location Warschau
Products used

ES 90

TS 71