Airport Hannover

Investment boost

The 1970 Osaka EXPO holds the record with 64.2 million visitors. This is followed by Paris in 1900 with 50.9 million. EXPO 2000 unlikely to reach these heights, but around 40 million visitors are still expected to pass through its gates.

The federal and state governments and the railway authorities have prepared for a mini torrent of people. Their investments in new infrastructure in the Hanover area amount to DM 2 billion. The railways expect an additional 130,000 passengers in Hanover on peak days, most of whom will be arriving at the main station. And Hanover airport predicts that the year 2000 will bring a
growth in passengers of over 1 million, including EXPO visitors. Reason enough to refurbish both Hanover central station and the airport.

Gateway to the world

Those coming to the Hanover EXPO by train or plane are received in buildings equipped with the very latest in DORMA door hardware that, particularly in Terminal C of the airport, features a number of specially developed details of outstanding interest for architects, specifiers and planners alike.

Prominent Features

Fire, smoke and - heaven forbid - terrorist attacks can quickly turn a public area into a death trap - particularly if the emergency exits and smoke venting systems are inadequate. Following the traumatic experience of the fire at Düsseldorf airport, great emphasis is now placed on emergency escape concepts based on doors that open automatically. In Düsseldorf, Paris CDG and also in Hanover, DORMA has been responsible for implementing these systems.

Project Info
Project Airport Hannover
Location 30669 Hannover