DORMA Ibérica

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dormakaba in Spain and Portugal

DORMA Ibérica is a DORMA GROUP’s subsidiary operating in Spain and Portugal through its various product lines.

In its long history worth noting:

- 1983: Founding of DORMA Ibérica, starting its activities in the hydraulic door closers market.
- 1989: DORMA Ibérica started its automatic doors activity.
- 1991: Diversification of the portfolio by offering glass fittings systems.
- 1995: Founding of DORMA Portugal
- 2001: DORMA Portugal is integrated into the organizational structure of DORMA Ibérica.
- 2005: Creation of the Department of Projects as consultants for architects and interior designers.
- 2008: DORMA Ibérica celebrates its 25th anniversary and the 100th of DORMA.
- 2009:

           . It is implemented the concept of "Interior Design" and its network of " DORMA Interior Specialists " .
           . DORMA launches the initiative "DORMA Offices " .
- 2010:
           . DORMA celebrates the production of 100 million door closers.
           . DORMA THINK GREEN: commitment to sustainable development as one of its top business.
           . "Barrier Free": building design to ensure accessibility for all.
           . Thomas Wagner was named CEO of the DORMA Group.
           . Thomas Wagner presents the strategic program "DORMA 2020".
- 2011: As part of the strategic plan "DORMA 2020", DORMA Ibérica put up a new structure:
           . Customer Service.
           . New Marketing Team.
           . Department of Technical and Installation Service.
           . New Sales Team organization.

DORMA supports everyone involved in the construction of a building, from design, to building and continuing with the service and post sales. Our Hassle Free solutions and services provide buildings with elegant products (aesthetically and technically) in addition to safety, comfort and convenience for everyday use.

Door Closers
To fully equip the door, DORMA offers a wide range of door closers. They set standards in technology, functionality, design, elegance and flexibility.
The closers with Easy Open Technology (Cam Action), reduce the effort to open the door. The ITS 96 concealed door closer , designed to integrate into the door leaf, have created a new standard in this area.

Architectural Hardware
This product line includes locks, cylinders, handles, hinges and door accessories in general. All solutions are sold worldwide and have had a decisive impact on DORMA's international image.

Interior Glass Door Systems
DORMA designs, develops and manufactures hardware and accessories for manual glass sliding and swing doors and glass partition systems. DORMA leads the global market for glass fittings and accessories.

Entrance Systems
In the market segment Entrance Systems, DORMA offers complete solutions to his customers with Entrance Systems.
Currently DORMA has a comprehensive range of rotating, swinging and sliding operators and powered pedestrian doors, glass sliding wall systems manual and automatic ( HSW / FSW ) and balcony sliding walls ( BSW ) .

Security and Safety Systems
Through the application of new technologies and the increasing use of electronics, the product line Security and Safety Systems (SAS), develops solutions as a motor of innovation in the field of security, data collection and time & access control.
DORMA is competent in specific solutions for security and control in emergency exits, as well as access control systems and recording.

Service and Installation
In order to ensure proper operation of the doors, extend its life and fulfill the standards, DORMA Service offers its clients a service center.
Our technical service provides the highest quality preventative maintenance service and repair to suit your needs, with experienced and specialized team, giving a professional and fast service.