Indoor perfect combination


The AGILE System and CS 80 MAGNEO are DORMA manual and automatic sliding door solutions. Because of their performance and Contur design, they become the best choice for any interior space.

Their versatility makes these systems an essential tool for designinginterior spaces in public buildings, shopping malls and even private homes. Their quiet, smooth and safe operation ensures maximum comfort.

The DORMA CS 80 MAGNEO's key is its Low Energy mode operation, which means that, if the door encounters an obstacle, just stops and returns to the open position. The novelty is it provides a key controlled locking function in order to prevent unauthorized access.

Also, the AGILE system now incorporates a new feature that ensures long comfort use: DORMOTION cushioning. No matter if the door is opened or closed with more or less force as, just a few inches before the end of their path - in both directions, the sliding door movement is gently cushioned and then gently moved to the end of his travel. All this is done silently.

The new stainless steel anodized finish available for CS 80 MAGNEO coincides perfectly with the same AGILE system finish. This and their reduced size allow their perfect combination in the same space.

Feeling comfortable is important in any environment. The compelling technology and safe operation of DORMA products make this possible. Not forgetting the design.

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