Due to bad moods, haste or carelessness, sliding doors are frequently damaged. Already known for its robustness, the AGILE 150 sliding door system offers a new feature with DORMOTION cushioning.

No matter if the door is opened or closed violently, the sliding panel just inches before the end of its path - in both directions -  is smoothly cushioned on its rollers and it reaches its final position using a spring. The technology that makes this possible is hidden in the guide AGILE system, with a height of 63 mm. and an installation depth of 64.5 mm, the system works independently of the force applied to the door.

The extraordinary ease of sliding makes this system a delight to use. Up to 150 kg doors and 1160 mm panel width can be handled smoothly and effortlessly with this system. This system has undergone duration test exceeded 100,000 cycles according to EN 1527. AGILE DORMOTION can also be used in wet environments because their metal parts are corrosion resistant according to EN 1527/1670.

The AGILE 150 DORMOTION door system is available for one or two leaves and mounting on wall or ceiling configurations. Its integration in the guide is the key to the damping in both directions and the elastic mechanism responsible for the DORMOTION movement. The preparation of glass is a simple recess in the top edge of the glass, which is secured to the rollers by a pressing device. Once panels are hung from the guide, adjustments in the jaws are made to compensate tolerances of + / - 5 mm.

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