After a long period of preparation and its presentation at worldwide fairs and events, DORMA launches the new CS 80 MAGNEO sliding door operator. This operator breaks the traditional engine driving a timing belt. In this case, a linear motor is based on magnetic technology that eliminates many of the components of a conventional device and greatly simplifies assembly.

The key to this new operator is its quiet, smooth and safe operation. Thus, the Low Energy mode function does not need additional security sensors. If the door encounters an obstacle, it just stops and returns to the open position.


There are several DORMA CS 80 MAGNEO modes:

Manual Door Access

Although the CS 80 MAGNEO is an automatic operator, the door can be opened and closed easily by hand, even in the event of a power failure.

Security " SoftMotion "

With its door sensitive motion, it does not need additional security sensors when it is working in Low Energy mode (according to the German DIN 18650, ANSI American and British BS standards).

Permanent opening

MAGNEO CS 80 holds the door open during a desired time period. The ON / OFF switch for this function is in the CS 80 MAGNEO operator.

Plug & Go

The CS 80 MAGNEO is a complete unit, just installing and connecting. The system works with a 230 V standard power source. Reliable, it needs minimal maintenance and easy updating.

This operator is suitable for interior glass, metal or wood doors up to 80 kg. As for assembly, it supports a overlapping in the classic wall installation or embedded within it.

Its small size, 60 mm deep by 62 or 75 mm high, and its elegant Contur design make this operator an essential tool when all kinds of interior spaces are designed.

There are many environments that can include DORMA CS 80 MAGNEO, such as private homes, professional offices and law firms, hotels, restaurants, clinical and therapeutic dispensaries, etc.

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