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DORMA Ibérica is now selling a new product already presented previously in some fairs and that is a very important advance in the Door Control world as we know it today. This is the DORMA PORTEO door assistant, a device that opens and closes doors in different ways but, as always, with a plus of comfort and safety.

DORMA PORTEO is manufactured in our central facility in Germany and uses the familiar design Contur which got the "Reddot Design Award" in 2005. Its dimensions are compact and very small (530x80x60 mm) and it always uses the same sliding guide length as the body. 

In terms of installation possibilities, it supports four possible positions without changing the model, in other words, hinged side opposite hinge -mounted on the leaf or on the door frame side. The device mounting is exactly the same as any conventional door closers. As for the power supply, only a 220 V. AC outlet is required. 

Depending on the required application, it can be programmed with multiple operating modes by only modifying the position of two switches on one of the side covers.

  • Less Power: The door is opened by hand without any effort. The closing takes place automatically after a certain time which can be regulated (5 to 10 sec.)
  • Push & Go: After a 3 ° manual opening, the door opens automatically. After a certain time, the door is closed in the same way.
  • Permanent open: The door is always kept opened and only closes if you send a new signal by manual push button or remote control.
  • Power Motion: The door opens and closes automatically in combination with an external impulse (button or remote control) and an electric device. Both opening and closing time can be regulated (5 to 10 sec.), and the time it remains opened (from 5 to 30 sec.)

DORMA PORTEO door assistant has many applications, above all nursing homes, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, private homes, etc.

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