Double Action Hinges for glass doors


The use of double-acting hinges in interior glass doors is highly preferred, both from an aesthetic as well as a functional point of view, because it avoids the use of door closers in the door top or floor springs embedded in the pavement . To reach this goal, DORMA launches its DORMA TENSOR new hinge for glass.

The DORMA TENSOR is a double acting hinge without damping, with easy adjustment of the "zero" position. It is designed for 65 kg. max. per leaf glass doors, with 1000 mm maximum width. The DORMA TENSOR is verified by TÜV to over 500,000 opening and closing cycles.

There are three variants of the DORMA TENSOR, depending on installation type: Glass / glass installation, frame installation with mounting plate on the surface or frame installation with mounting plate embedded in the wall.

About its appearance, the DORMA TENSOR has a slightly convex shape, with silver or similar to stainless steel finishes. Its removable cover with the DORMA logo is especially interesting. This cover protects, on one side, the interior hinge mechanism and on the other, serves as a shock absorber when the door opens at 90º. This cover is provided in three finishes, so you can opt for the finish uniformity with the hinge body or for contrasting with it.

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