Frameless swinging doors with no visible hardware


DORMA VISUR is a DORMA patented system that ensures swinging glass doors without any structural elements, to avoid breaking the visual harmony. In this sense, VISUR is the door with perfect transparency.

The fittings are concealed in peripheral structures rather than interrupting the clean door design. This absence of fittings means that the all-glass double-action door will match any room style, making the VISUR system a real boom to interior architecture.

The DORMA VISUR closing function is done invisibly by DORMA RTS 85 transom concealed door closers. This not only reliably returns the door to its zero position after each opening action, but also – thanks to special backcheck damping – protects the leaf from careless impact arising from excessive opening force. Thanks to a hold-open feature included as standard, the door can also be retained at an opening angle of 90°.

Clampable projections – leaf-integral ‘tongues’ – provide the mating connection for the concealed pivot fittings at the top and bottom.

All the DORMA VISUR system is designed for 10 /12 mm glass, for leaves up to 2500 mm high, 1100 mm wide and 85 kg in weight.

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