A commitment to sustainable buildings


The DORMA ST FLEX GREEN automatic sliding doors save energy, increase energy efficiency in buildings and therefore, their sustainability.

Again, DORMA combines their high quality and performance solutions with a stylish design, because this automatic sliding door system stands out for its thin profiles.

DORMA ST FLEX GREEN convinces not only because of its beauty and strength, but also for its exceptional thermal insulation, complying with the most recent German legislation on energy saving EnEV 2009. It reaches a very low heat transfer coefficient (UD = 1.4 W/m2), which has allowed it to obtain the appropriate certification by the ift Rosenheim Notified Organism.


Thanks to their thermal break joints, DORMA maintains the known ST -FLEX system vision and frontal size, getting similar benefits than larger conventional systems. The system allows, among others, the use of 22 mm double-glazed glass.

The ST FLEX GREEN system is one more DORMA contribution to solutions that save energy in buildings, because DORMA is aware that they are the future trend.

Climate change and high energy prices are forcing demand for a economically and ecologically viable buildings. In this context, DORMA daily demonstrates, it is a responsible partner in national and international projects around the world, offering everything from advice systems to sustainable quality products.

Further information:  info@dorma.es

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