Premium handle for visually impaired people

Premium handle for visually impaired people

People with visual disabilities deserve our special attention.

Marking emergency exits clearly and safely in public buildings, museums, airports and hotels, is an important contribution to improve accessibility. Thus, DORMA has marked its Premium series handles with Braille since January 2011.

The inscription is on the inside of the handle so that, at the time of operating, the person's finger tips touch the raised pattern. As the Braille simbols are on the inside of the handle, the space for keywords such as "emergency exit", "exit evacuation" or "Ladies Bathroom" is small. For this reason, DORMA offers the chance to see if it is possible to include the wanted name.

A great advantage of this elegant high quality handle is improving the evacuation and emergency exit safety. It is possible to identify the hotel or conference room inner doors without compromising the handle's aesthetics.

DORMA offers complete solution system with individual settings for keywords in Braille, which can be used as needed.

In addition to Premium handles, it is possible to provide the Braille system in other evacuation door system products such as Exit pads, providing visual disability people additional security when they move autonomously in public places.

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