Slide channel door closers, easier to open

Slide channel door closers, easier to open

The barrier free building is a social responsibility for everyone. In order to get this goal, DORMA has developed its family of slide channel door closers. These ensure compliance with the rules and regulations that guarantee that anyone will enjoy the same access rights unhindered (Hassle-Free).

With proven EASY OPEN technology built into the door and frame, the resistance to opening is particularly low. This ensures that the door can be opened with exceptional ease providing effortless access. Children, the elderly and people with limited mobility can open the door using minimum force.

Therefore, the DORMA slide channel door closers become appropriate solution to meet the DIN SPEC 1104 standard, which recommends using manual locking devices to reduce by 40% the opening force at an angle between 2° and 60°.

Also, the range of DORMA door closers allows attractive solutions with its award-winning design Contur, giving an aesthetic response in addition to its proven functionality and overall adaptation to the specific needs of each space.

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