DORMA RMZ Smoke Detector

Smoke detector in Contur design for activation of DORMA hold-open devices

The RMZ smoke detector in the Contur design supplies connected hold-open devices with 24 V DC voltage. In the event of smoke detection or an alarm, it trips the devices, thus releasing the door to close under spring power. Connections for further smoke detectors, as well as for external manual release and a floating change-over contact are also available.

Audible signal

Optional integral alarm module adding an audible signal to the visual indicator.

Convincing safety

The RMZ and RM-N are the ideal complement to the proven, practical DORMA hold-open devices for passive fire protection.

Designed according to current guidelines

The RMZ and RM-N are designed according to the latest guidelines of the German Institute for Building Technology and offer the guarantee of an optimal interaction with all devices designed to hold-open fire and smoke doors. The DORMA RMZ provides connections for further detectors and external manual release and floating alarm contacts.   

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