DORMA TS 99 Door Closer

Free-swing door closer with slide channel

The TS 99 door closer in Contur design is a hold-open device with a free-swing function from a door opening angle of >0°. In combination with a smoke detector system, the door closer can be used as a hold-open system for fire doors.


Certified manufacture to ISO 9001.

Free-swing function from an opening angle > 0°

As the door is opened, the free-swing function is activated from an opening angle of > 0°. The free-swing function enables the door to be opened with ease by reducing the amount of resistance encountered by the user. The door remains freely operable and is not automatically closed, facilitating access in both directions in heavily frequented zones and passageways.

In the event of a fire or power failure, the door is automatically and safely closed by the door closer. This system is ideal for ensuring the closure of fire and smoke check doors in senior homes, centers for the disabled, hospitals and clinics.

Benefits for the installer/fabricator
  • Easy and quick to fit
  • Flexible application suitability due to standard leaf or overhead transom installation
Benefits for the architect/specifier
  • Benefits for the architect/specifierMeets legal requirements for barrier-free building
  • Universally suitable for single or double doors
  • Uniform appearance matching all products of the DORMA Contur design
Benefits for the user
  • Free-swing function from a door opening angle of >0°
  • Resistance-free opening of doors in passive fire protection applications
  • Maximum degree of user safety

Technical Leaflet [1]

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TS 99

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