DORMA MANET Compact / Concept, Swing

The stainless steel fitting for glass swing doors and swinging doors

The frameless MANET system for swing and swinging doors underlines the transparency of modern architecture and offers various integration options.

Minimalist appearance

The distinctive MANET single-point fixings ensure a minimalist appearance and the creation of light, space and vision in any room.

Product features

The functionality and optical features of the MANET swing and swinging door are ideally coordinated. Even in its standard versions, this frameless swing door allows maximum architectural freedom.
In addition to the pivot rod, the system comprises bottom pivots, top pivot fittings with pivot or eccentric bushing and connectors to link the fanlight with the side screens. This offers you almost unlimited possibilities for installing frameless swing doors in wall openings – even with glass fanlight and side screens – and in glass partition wall assemblies with single-point fixings.

A variety of options

The MANET swing door system is suitable for swinging doors and single-action doors. Both types of door can be fitted with floor springs, like the DORMA BTS 75 V, or with patch locks.

Single-point fixing

These attractive, superbly designed and award-winning MANET products guarantee the easy and precise fixing of glass elements. The clip-on cover feature enables installation and adjustment to be performed via the fitting itself, preventing any risk of damage to the visible surfaces.
After installation, the clip-on covers are inserted into the single-point fixings. The result: the distinctive MANET look with its attractive flush glass surfaces.
To achieve these, countersunk holes instead of the usual through-holes are needed in the glass.
In addition, the plastic sleeve gasket protects the glass from direct contact with the stainless steel component.

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