DORMA EM Electric Door Magnets

Magnets with electro magnetic locking

EM magnets can be used wherever there are no emergency exit or escape route requirements to be fulfilled. They come in a range of models to suit every safety demand and can be combined, for example, with an access control system or used instead of an electric strike where higher holding forces are required. Thanks to their ease of installation and inconspicuous appearance, DORMA EM magnets are an excellent retrofit solution.

Electromagnets for hold-open systems

The statutory regulations which apply in many countries allow fire and smoke check doors to be held open for a limited period of time by electromagnetic hold open devices which, in the event of a fire, are de-energized to release the door so as to enable automatic closing.

Manual release

It must also be possible to manually release any hold-open device. According to the applicable guidelines for hold-open systems, a manual release pushbutton is necessary when employing electromagnets in such applications.

The pushbutton employed must be red, carry the wording “Close door,” be located in the immediate vicinity of the door, and must not be hidden when the door is in its hold open position.

Benefits for the trade/distributor
  • Cost-effective modular system offering the advantages of maximum flexibility with minimal stocking levels
  • A further component in the DORMA range for single-source supply
Benefits for the installer/fabricator
  • Quick and easy to fix
  • Sophisticated accessories suitable for a wide range of applications
Benefits for the architect/specifier
  • Uniform appearance common to all models
  • Modular system for application flexibility
Benefits for the user
  • Unobtrusive
  • Concealed cable run
  • Optimum holding force with minimum power consumption

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