Dorma Press Releases

  • 05/17/2017


    DORMA Hüppe is stepping up its activities in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland in cooperation with Swedish manufacturer Winab. Headquartered in Ekerö near Stockholm, Winab will be marketing the movable walls from Westerstede across the Scandinavian market with immediate effect. The two c...
  • Passenger Terminal Expo

    Passenger Terminal Expo

    Dormakaba osallistuu näytteilleasettajana maailman laajimpaan vuosittaiseen lentokenttäalan näyttelyyn, Passenger Terminal Expoon. Messuvierailla on ainutlaatuinen mahdollisuus nähdä ja kokea viimeisimmät tuotteet, palvelut ja teknologiat sekä ratkaisut, jotka on s...
  • Kaba shareholders give green light for merger between Dorma and Kaba

    Kaba shareholders give green light for merger between Dorma and Kaba

    At the Extraordinary General Meeting of Kaba Holding AG, the merger of Dorma and Kaba announced on 30 April 2015 was approved by a large majority. The planned merger will give rise to a global top 3 company for security and ac-cess solutions with pro-forma sales of just under 2 billion euros and aro...
  • Dorma and Kaba announce merger plans

    Dorma and Kaba announce merger plans

    dorma+kaba to become one of the global top 3 companies in the security and access solutions market, with pro-forma sales exceeding CHF 2 billion (EUR 1.9 billion) Leading product and services offering from a single source thanks to complementary portfolios, value chain and geographic footprint in...