DORMA’s new ST FLEX Secure automatic sliding door combines contemporary aesthetics with maximum security, to provide a stylish sliding door with the latest in anti-intruder and anti-vandalism protection.


The ST FLEX Secure allows building entrances to maintain a welcoming front of house setup, retaining transparency without compromising on security. Compliant with disabled access legislation in the UK and Ireland, this fine-framed frontage can be fully integrated with DORMA access control, for a discreet access solution.


The Secure model is the latest addition to the FLEX family. Alongside the ST FLEX and ST FLEX Green models, the products in this range are designed to form a visibly appealing door system, with a number of solutions available to suit customers’ requirements.


The ST FLEX Secure also provides unparalleled security features. Tested to RC2 resistance standard, the automatic sliding doors utilise burglar resistant laminated safety glass with a secure four-point locking device at the main closing edge. A continuous floor guide rail and anti-tamper protection prevents the door from being levered out. In addition, the monitored battery back-up system makes the system suitable for emergency escape routes.


Furthermore, DORMA’s entire range of automatic doors is designed for full compatibility with its CODIC MasterCard and MATRIX Professional Access Control solutions.


Early 2016 will see the introduction of the new Bluetooth SmartKey App, which will be compatible with all DORMA’s automatic doors. The App is an innovative approach to access control - with the traditional card or fob authentication being replaced with remote access via smartphone or watch. The need for wall readers is eliminated as the technology is integrated into the door system, avoiding potential tampering and abuse and adding to the solution’s minimalist appearance.


Phil Jones, Strategic Marketing Manager at DORMA UK said: “The ST Flex Secure automatic sliding door offers architects an ideal solution for applications where security is of paramount importance, yet clients do not want to compromise on aesthetics. In addition, we are delighted to be able to offer a holistic approach to door and access solutions, providing fully integrated systems to ensure the highest standards of consistency, convenience and quality.”


The ST FLEX Secure automatic sliding door is available now. For further information, plus updates on the launch of the SmartKey App system please visit: or follow @DORMAUK.

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