During Fire Door Safety Week 2016, dormakaba is seeking to raise awareness of the issues around fire door specification and highlighting the importance of ensuring all elements of the doorset have third party certification.


To comply with Approved Document Part B of the Building Regulations, fire door hardware has to be CE marked. In addition, the product must also have a Declaration of Performance (DoP) as without it the CE mark is invalid. The DoP details the essential characteristics of the door hardware to ensure it performs as required. Approved Document Part B also recommends that all fire door assemblies have third party certification to ensure the highest level of safety is maintained.


Another vitally important message for Fire Door Safety Week is that fire doors are only effective if used correctly. As such, doors should be allowed to close fully and never be wedged open. The advice to anyone who notices a fire door being used incorrectly is to remove the wedge and notify the person responsible for the building immediately.


Fire Door Safety Week will see a range of events taking place across the country between 26th September and 2nd October. Graham Hulland, Product Marketing Manager at dormakaba will be speaking at three events: the Lorient Fire Safety event in Newton Abbot on Monday 26th September, the Arnold Laver Fire Door Safety Day at Haydock Park on 27th September and the BWF event with the London Fire Brigade at their Headquarters, Union Street, London on the 29th September. Bringing over 30 years of experience within the industry, Graham will be discussing best practice advice and the critical issues to consider when specifying, installing and inspecting hardware for fire doors.


Also at the events will be the dormakaba Showbus. Attendees will have the opportunity to access the mobile showroom, which demonstrates a variety of door closers, floor springs, handles, automatic operators and panic hardware.


“The importance of fire doors to the safety of the building and its occupants cannot be underestimated,” Graham commented. “Fire Door Safety Week provides an ideal platform to remind those responsible for fire doors in any capacity what the legal requirements are and how to ensure doors are installed correctly, and continue to perform as required throughout their lifecycle.”


dormakaba has a practical and straightforward guide for anyone looking for help when it comes to specifying door closers. For further information on how to ensure hardware compliance  for fire doors visit:




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