DORMA, the trusted global partner for premium access solutions and services, has launched its new range of MUNDUS patch fittings. With a variety of colours and materials to suit a range of contemporary interior design schemes, the fittings feature upgraded trims to ensure no visible fixings for an elegant frameless glass solution for doors and other structures.


The shape of the MUNDUS fittings consists of clearly defined edges, which blend into attractively radiused corners. This is complemented by the addition of a dark trim, between the patch fitting and the glass – obscuring any visible fixings, which could interfere with a seamless and minimalist design scheme.


MUNDUS fittings are available with a choice of cover finishes to ensure there is a solution for a wide range of interior design schemes, including satin and polished stainless steel, aluminium and a number of new colour finishes aligned to current trends in interior design.


Suitable for different glass thicknesses ranging from 8mm to 22mm and door panel weights of up to 200kg, DORMA MUNDUS fittings allow the easy creation for 24 standard types of toughened-glass assembly and customized solutions. The flexibility of the fittings also allows for retrofitting to existing installations.


If Laminated Safety Glass (LSG) is a requirement, installation is simple due to DORMA’s established Clamp & Glue Technology, securing clamping plates with an adhesive, injected through inlet holes to ensure a permanent fit. The adhesive cures in a few minutes – leaving the glass held firmly in place.


Archie Teagle, Product Marketing Manager at DORMA said: “Our new MUNDUS patch fittings offer specifiers high quality, outstanding performance and seamless aesthetics. Having already received the Interior Innovation Award from the German Design Council, we are delighted to introduce our latest range to the UK market.”

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