DORMA, the trusted global partner for integrated door and access solutions has launched its latest manual sliding door system for glass and timber doors. The MUTO range is a compact, slimline product, which contains a multitude of functional features and a variety of finishes available to suit all contemporary high-end interior spaces.


While all variations within the MUTO sliding door range offer a slim, elegant solution, a number of options are available to satisfy individual applications and with a choice of aluminum finishes in White, Silver and Niro. Special finishes are also available on request.


In terms of performance, through the use of DORMA’s DORMOTION damping device, doors are gently decelerated when approaching open or closed positions. Other options include unpowered ‘self-closing’ which ensures the door always closes behind the user and an ‘integrated battery-powered locking device’ which can be operated by remote control, access control or a wall switch, avoiding the need for floor locks.


Flexibility and functionality are key benefits with the MUTO range. The Telescopic configuration (available later in the year) features wide opening with small panels, while the Synchro model allows the opposite door panel to open or close as the first one moves. In addition, the system is suitable for wall, glass or ceiling mounting, as well as installation in suspended ceilings.


Engineered for a range of applications, the MUTO Comfort is a fully-integrated system which is suitable for glass or timber door applications, with a capacity for panel widths of up to 2500mm and weights from 50kg to 150kg.

In addition, DORMA’s Clamp & Glue technology allows for the installation of laminated safety glass (LSG) door panels without the need for glass preparation.


All MUTO options offer ease of installation and adjustment. The process to install a MUTO system is now 25% faster than that of its predecessor. The removable front cover also means that all parts can be reached from the front face, while additional features can be retrofitted to upgrade the system at a later stage.


Archie Teagle, Product Marketing Manager at DORMA said: “The MUTO range represents an evolution in sliding door systems. This latest solution adds to our portfolio of versatile products that offer real flexibility, market-leading functionality with stylish, elegant equipment. This improved design offers a sliding door system, which is quick to install, achieving a contemporary aesthetic as well as a high level of engineered performance.”

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