DORMA MATRIX Professional Connect

The subsystem for SAP and other HR host systems

MATRIX Professional Connect is a subsystem for HR systems, SAP for example. DORMA has all relevant SAP certificates.
MATRIX access control can be combined with all optional accessories for compliance with EN 50133. User-friendly interface set-up via dialogue screen.

Easy linking of MATRIX Professional Connect to SAP
  • Set-up, maintenance and monitoring of a permanent SAP HR PDC interface
  • Clear separation between personnel data from SAP and locally entered personnel data
  • Support of SAP mandate function
  • System creates an individual interface definition for each SAP mandate
  • Parameter adjustment for communication with SAP system via MATRIX dialogue
Management of DORMA time recording terminals

The device management completely manages and monitors the time recording periphery via the MATRIX dialogue interface. SAP time recording can use the real time calculations of the terminal hardware.

Full integration of MATRIX Professional Access

Standalone access control function based on common HR master records. Ready to use the full range of MATRIX options.

System screen

The system screen clearly indicates the communication with the host system. In addition, status information about the last data transfer are displayed simply and clearly structured. In the event of a malfunction, users can create service reports at the touch of a button and send these reports to the DORMA hotline.

Employee WEB information portal

The MATRIX information portal gives staff members access to their time recording data, current balances and WEB booking (predefined entries).

Linking to HR systems from other producers

The DORMA Integration Manager allows linking to other HR systems from other suppliers, either via the KK1 interface or a customer-specific interface configuration. Set-up according to individual customer requirements - also with the aid of DORMA's field engineering team.

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Electronic Access Control

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MATRIX Professional Access

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