DORMA MATRIX Professional Time

Easy and comprehensive web-based time management

MATRIX Professional Time is a browser-based, standalone system for accurate time recording and easy parametrising of typical time recording rules. 
Ideal for small and medium-sized companies, MATRIX Professional Time also allows for the connection of modules and optional upgrades for time recording for SAP, access control and emergency exit control at any time. 

MATRIX stands for modern time management

MATRIX Time is a state-of-the-art software platform to gather and calculate the time records of a company's complete workforce.

Easy integration into corporate IT-systems

MATRIX is fully browser-based and therefore facilitates the installation and maintenance. The system provides an easily comprehensible user interface and manages all functions with a standardised operating concept.

MATRIX - the modular system

Thanks to its modular design, the MATRIX system can be fully geared to individual customer requirements. MATRIX Professional Time allows connection of further basic modules and optional upgrades for access control, time recording for SAP and emergency exit control at any time.

Online portal for your staff members

Gathering of time records via time terminals or the MATRIX Web booking feature - MATRIX allows you to combine both systems.

Implementation of company-specific rules

Work timetables in conjunction with daily working hours regulations and break schemes perfectly describe and define the staff's working time regulation.

Retroactive accounting for correction purposes and system data

All accounting-relevant data is time-related. You can change data at any time for future and for past events. The full system allows retroactive accounting.

Correction dialogues

MATRIX allows the fast and effective amendment of staff time parameters. You can update missing time records, enter absence times or allocate authorisations via dialogue screens.

Automatic time calculation feature

For every amendment, the system automatically makes all relevant calculations in the background. However, you can activate the manual time calculation feature at any time.

Reports and report generators

Displaying of time data analyses in detail or as a report. Easy to use report generators for creating individual reports.

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