DORMA XS Pro Fitting

Wire free access control

The XS Pro Fitting is a stand-alone access control system integrated into the door fitting for operation in conjunction with proximity ID cards and transponder fobs.

Proven principle

The XS Pro Fitting is a flexible solution with a solid, robust construction.  The ideal solution for securing doors that require simple operation by the user based on the usual opening action – the XS Pro Fitting can be operated with just one free hand if necessary. The XS Pro Fitting is therefore ideal for use in care and nursing homes, schools, and nurseries.


The XS Fitting Pro is automatically activated by a proximity ID card or transponder fob. If the proximity device is recognized, the lever handle, which is disabled in standby mode, is activated, enabling passage through the door. If required, a temporary permanent-open function can also be implemented.


A range of matching lever handle designs are available.

Built-in flexibility

The precise adjustment of the operating modes for each door can be controlled by you at all times via the DORMA MATRIX software.


The wireless networking allows for instant reaction to unforeseen events at your convenience.


Access on card offers the greatest flexibility in the control of permissions. Since the card holder carries their access rights with them, the same card could be utilised for many applications, not only a key.

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Electronic Access Control

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XS Pro Fitting

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