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  • External Escape Door »

    External Escape Door *

    Timber/Steel - (Aluminium) - Single Door 926 mm x 2100 mm

    External Escape Door

    1. Door Closer - TS 93 Cam Action
    2. Panic Hardware - Single Panic Bolt AD 9800
    • Door Furniture - Pull Handle DTG 9356.25.350 (External Side)
  • Main Entrance Sliding Door »

    Main Entrance Sliding Door *

    External Automatic Sliding Doors

    External Automatic Sliding Doors

    1. Automatic Door Operator - ES 200
    2. Thermal Fine Framed Doors - ST Flex
    3. Safety Sensor/Radar
  • Main Entrance Revolving Door »

    Main Entrance Revolving Door *

    Revolving Door

    Revolving Door

    1. KTV Atrium
  • Meeting Room Door »

    Meeting Room Door *

    Timber 44 mm FD30S - Single Door 926 mm x 2100 mm

    Corporate Suite Door

    1. Door Closer - TS 92 Cam Action
    2. Lock - SVP 6000 Mortice Solenoid Lock/Cable Loop & Connector
    3. Door Furniture - Premium Lever
    4. Door Stop - DGZ Floor Mounted
  • Access Controlled Main Entrance »

    Access Controlled Main Entrance *

    Revolving Door

    Revolving Door Secure

    1. KTV Secure
    2. Radar/Presence Sensor
    3. Safety Sensors
    4. Access Control
    5. Emergency Stop Button


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DORMA's wide range of door solutions provides many options for government buildings. Whether it is securing an entry or providing access control DORMA has a product to fit the requirement.

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