Service, Repair & Maintenance

The complete service package

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At DORMA we understand the importance of maintaining safe and secure access in and around your premises.

We service and repair all brands of automatic door, manual door closers, industrial doors and roller shutters offering you a complete solution from front to back of house.

An efficient customer experience

By choosing DORMA service, you are supported by our nationwide team of local, accredited and fully trained engineers throughout the UK & Ireland available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure downtime and inconvenience is kept to a minimum.

All enquiries are routed through our state-of-the-art contact centre providing you with a single point of contact, reducing identification and response times to get you back on track as quickly as possible with minimum disruption.

Choose the right type of service for you

Regular door maintenance helps prevent accidents, reduces breakdowns and prolongs the life of the door operator. There are also legal implications regarding the servicing of all door types which must be adhered to, to ensure the safety of users at all times.

Whether you are a small independent or large corporate, we can provide a tailored solution around your individual requirements.

To download information on our service packages please click below:

If you have a breakdown or malfunction you can call us in to repair or replace the faulty door even if you don’t have a service contract with us. We can be contacted during office hours by telephone or email. Contact can be made after hours or over the weekend through our 24 hour emergency hotline.

Service Hotlines

DORMA UK 0800 212380

Republic of Ireland

01 295 8280

Our response times aim to get an engineer to you within one working day from receipt of call. For example, if you call us in the morning we aim to have an engineer with you in the afternoon.  If you call us in the afternoon, we aim to have the engineer with you the next morning.

However, if the breakdown or malfunction raises security or safety issues then we will send an engineer as soon as possible during or after office hours, the same day.

Our planned or preventative servicing and maintenance is undertaken on a contracted basis.

We offer three different servicing packages: 3 Star, 4 Star & 5 Star.

All contracted  clients receive a discount on call-out charges. All three packages can cover both manual and/or automatic doors.

To view a PDF of the varoius types of cover available please click here

DORMA 5 Star Cover - a comprehensive policy covering all costs to give you hassle free budgeting and total peace of mind

  • A full year’s servicing for one price
  • PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance)
  • All call-outs within working hours (8am-5pm) are covered within the price of the contract (excluding misuse and abuse)
  • No charge for all labour and parts incurred in the replacement of any worn components that are deemed necessary for the safe and correct operation of the door

DORMA 4 Star Cover - A superior package with reduced call-out and labour charges

  • All call-outs within working hours (8am-5pm) are covered within the price of the contract (excluding misuse and abuse)
  • All faults rectified on a PPM visit or call-out are free of labour charges – you only pay additionally for any necessary parts replacement

DORMA 3 Star Cover - The minimum recommended level of service providing peace of mind with routine care

  • PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance)
  • Basic adjustments to ensure doors are working, without removing  them
  • Rectify any faults in closing speeds, sensors, backcheck and latching
  • Check compliance of automatic doors in accordance with EN16005
  • A report will outline any major defects or upgrades that are required to ensure that the door functions correctly and safely

For real-time remote monitoring, DORVISION, an optional GPRS based wireless system concealed within the operator, can monitor each door location remotely via the internet incorporating the facility to lock / unlock doors, timed automatic locking, reset, diagnostic system check and to provide data capture on usage and performance.

DORVISION can be interfaced with any type of automatic door operator to enable real-time remote control functionality of the doors main controls.

Should a problem arise with the door, it will allow the DORMA Service team to reset the doors remotely or get a service engineer to attend if required.

Key Benefits:

  • Real time remote control facility
  • Recording of switching and safety device activations
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Suitable for new installations or retro-fitted to existing doors
  • Low cost door management system

Please click here to download our DORVISION brochure.