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Whether office complexes, hotels, airports or stadiums, DORMA offers reliable quality as a global partner for premium access solutions and services enabling better buildings.

Experience our access solutions in an entirely different way and be inspired by our skilful and dynamic athletes. Likewise technically accomplished and versatile, DORMA solutions offer the perfect balance between functionality and design, ensuring that you are always well equipped and nicely positioned. Wherever you are in the world.

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  • Corridor Doors »

    Corridor Doors *

    Corridor Side

    1. Hold Open Door Closer - TS 93 EMF Cam Action x 2
    2. Door Furniture - Pull Handle TG x 2
    3. Lock - 388  Mortice Deadlock Lock x 1
    4. Door Furniture - Euro-Profile Escutcheon PR6612PZ x 1
    5. Door Stop - TZ Floor Mounted x 2
    • Power Supply Unit - PSU 8 x 1
    • Door Furniture - Push Plate 650 mm x 90 mm x 2 (Push Side)
  • Classroom Door »

    Classroom Door *

    Classroom Door

    1. Lock - 393 Classroom Lock
    2. Door Closer - TS 92 Cam Action
    3. Door Furniture - Premium Lever
    4. Door Stop - TZ Floor / Skirting Mounted
  • External Escape Door »

    External Escape Door *

    Push side

    1. Door Closer - TS 93 Cam Action
    2. Panic Hardware - Single Panic Bolt 9800



    Pull side

    • Door Furniture - Pull Handle TG (External Side)
  • External Automatic Swing Doors »

    External Automatic Swing Doors *

    Automatic swing Doors

    1. Automatic Door Operator - ED 100 / 250
    2. Radar/Presence Sensor
    3. Safety Sensors
    4. Fully Framed Door
    5. Lock


  • External Automatic Sliding Doors »

    External Automatic Sliding Doors *

    Automatic Sliding Doors

    1. Automatic Door Operator - ES 200
    2. Fully Framed Doors
    3. Sensor



  • Disable Toilet »

    Disable Toilet *

    Disable Toillet

    1. ED 100 / 250
    2. IRS Safety Sensor
    3. Cable Loop
    4. Occupancy Indicating Light
    5. Door Open Switch
    6. Key Switch
    7. Door Stopper TZ Series
    8. Premium Lever Handle
 Education Application

Education Application

Find the right door situation for any educational environment.

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Education buildings need to have door openings and applications that not only function efficiently but that also stand up to the high traffic and abuse of an educational environment. DORMA provides a variety of products for any type of door application.

  • more » Margarete-Steiff-School - Stuttgart (GER)

    The “Margarete-Steiff-Schule” in Stuttgart and its students are confronted by their own particular challenges on a daily basis. All 150 children and teenagers are significantly hampered by their physical limitations, with many having to bear major and multiple disabilities. The school has now been extended, providing room not only for further classrooms and specialist teaching facilities but also a new focal point for the school in both the spatial and the social meaning.

    Margarete-Steiff-School - Stuttgart (GER)

  • more » Bestehornpark - Aschersleben (GER)

    The German town of Aschersleben, known as the "Gateway to the Harz" (a region of great natural beauty) has in its midst a real architectural gem: the educational campus "Bildungszentrum Bestehornpark". In renovating and converting the former Bestehorn paper mill on the three-hectare site, the architects Lederer Ragnasdóttir Oei of Stuttgart rewrote the rule book for educational architecture in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt.

    Bestehornpark - Aschersleben (GER)

  • more » Greenville Technical College - Greenville, SC (USA)

    Greenville Technical College (GTC) is one of 16 colleges making up the South Carolina Technical Education System, which provides affordable, quality education to residents in locations state-wide. As part of its commitment to provide up-to-date educational opportunities for area residents, GTC recently opened the Northwest Campus, a 110,000 sq ft, state-of-the-art, high-tech facility.

    Greenville Technical College - Greenville, SC (USA)

  • more » Ohio State University - Columbus. Ohio (USA)

    When facility managers at Ohio State University (OSU), one of the nation’s largest campuses, set out to build a new state-of-the-art recreational facility, they undertook one of the largest, most complex college facility projects in the country. Their search for components that balanced outstanding durability, accessibility and high aesthetic value led them to select a variety of products from DORMA Architectural Hardware.

    Ohio State University - Columbus. Ohio (USA)

  • more » University College Dublin - Roebuck Village (GBR)

    Designed for for UCD Property Services, the new six storey residential student block was built to accommodate 134 additional bed spaces and form the second stage of the University’s Belfield Campus expansion. Combining fine architectural design and high performance construction – the new building incorporated sustainable building standards to ‘design-out’ thermal bridging and air-tightness problems.

    University College Dublin - Roebuck Village (GBR)

  • more » East Middle School - Oak Creek, WI (USA)

    Lying south of Milwaukee, Oak Creek, Wisconsin, is a rapidly growing community with a population that increased nearly 70% in twenty years. Like other growing cities, Oak Creek faced the challenge of meeting the educational needs of its K-12 students, whose numbers were expanding year by year. These needs were met in part when the $24 million, 180,000 sq ft East Middle School opened its doors in September 2008.

    East Middle School - Oak Creek, WI (USA)

  • more » Edgewood College - Madison, WI (USA)

    Edgewood is an independent liberal arts institution in Madison, Wisconsin. Opened in 2007, its new four-story residence provides an example of environmental sustainability as well as a comfortable home to 168 students. From the outset, Dominican Hall was designed and built to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) points and has become the first college or university residence in Wisconsin to receive Silver Certification.

    Edgewood College - Madison, WI (USA)

  • more » Cherokee Central Schools - Cherokee, NC (USA)

    The Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation witnessed a dream come true when K-12 students began the school year in a new $108 million, 473,000-sq-ft complex. The Cherokee Central School is an all-encom passing campus with three schools, three gyms, an auditorium, community center, sports arena, cafeteria, and an array of state-of-the-art athletic fields.

    Cherokee Central Schools - Cherokee, NC (USA)

  • more » Reichenbach Gymnasium - Ennepetal (GER)

    Having had an extension of 2000 m2 floor space added to its existing layout, Ennepetal’s Reichenbach Gymnasium high school can now offer not only enhanced all-day education but also a whole new range of facilities and services. In architectural terms, too, the project has been a resounding success, with a stylish interchange of solid and glazed elements creating fascinating visual aspects. The individual building components are a reflection of one another, their position creating an attractively framed external area suitable for a wide range of activities.

    Reichenbach Gymnasium - Ennepetal (GER)

  • more » EDEN Building, Liverpool Hope University - Liverpool (GBR)

    When it came to the construction of a new £8.5 million Education and Enterprise (Eden) Centre at Europe’s only ecumenical University, architects Halsall Lloyd Partnership required 21st century design features that had performance, durability and aesthetics in mind.

    EDEN Building, Liverpool Hope University - Liverpool (GBR)

  • more » Allerton High School - Leeds (GBR)

    At Allerton High School the original specification of the main entrance automatic door operators simply did not make the grade. Within one year of its official opening, the stylish new double entrance was proving problematic.  Unable to cope with the site’s excessively windy conditions, the operators were not fit for purpose and didn’t close the doors properly, leading to increased demand on the heating system, reduced staff comfort levels and security risks.

    Allerton High School - Leeds (GBR)

  • more » Solpark Kleszczów, Kleszczów (POL)

    Also called the Health and Entertainment Park, the SOLPARK KLESZCZÓW has operated in the market since 2009. It is a modern sports and recreation centre - the largest investment of the Kleszczów Community.

    Solpark Kleszczów, Kleszczów (POL)

  • more » Former Warsaw University Library - Warsaw (POL)

    The former building of the library was erected according to the design prepared by architects Stefan Szyller and Antoni Jabłoński-Jasieńczyk in 1888.

    Former Warsaw University Library - Warsaw (POL)

  • more » University – Leipzig, Leipzig (GER)

    The classic façade of the historical main building of Leipzig University rises majestically into the old Saxony skies. Founded in 1409 by German dons and scholars, Leipzig University is the second-oldest in Germany. And there are many famous names on its roll of honour – including Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Nietzsche and Richard Wagner.

    University – Leipzig, Leipzig (GER)

  • more » Bideford College - Devon (GBR)

    At the £55 million new-build Bideford College in Devon, careful selection of sustainable materials was of the utmost importance to help the building achieve a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’. When choosing solutions to control the numerous doors throughout the building, product lifecycle and longevity were important to help create a sustainable and low maintenance building. To achieve this, a comprehensive range of products from DORMA was specified.

    Bideford College - Devon (GBR)

  • more » Wrocław University Library , Wrocław (POL)

    The new building of the Wrocław University Library is located at the boulevards on the Odra River.

    Wrocław University Library , Wrocław (POL)

  • more » High School (Neues Gymnasium) - Bochum (GER)

    Schools and universities count among the most important buildings – whether private or municipal – of any metropolis. And architecture in this field too is undergoing something of a revolution, because people have become aware that good buildings promote the learning process.

    High School (Neues Gymnasium) - Bochum (GER)