Tradition meets Modern
 Tradition meets Modern
 Tradition meets Modern
 Tradition meets Modern
 Tradition meets Modern
 Tradition meets Modern

Tradition meets Modern

Old buildings redefined.

Other pictures:
  • Floor springs at House of the Reader, Madrid

    Floor springs at House of the Reader, Madrid
  • Maison de la Radio, Paris

    Maison de la Radio, Paris
  • Verlag Deutsche Standards, Cologne

    Verlag Deutsche Standards, Cologne
  • New KTV at 333 West Wacker Drive, Chicago

    New KTV at 333 West Wacker Drive, Chicago
  • Automatic swing doors in K21 Museum, Dusseldorf

    Automatic swing doors in K21 Museum, Dusseldorf
  • Glass solutions at St. Pancras Station, London

    Glass solutions at St. Pancras Station, London

New Life in Old Walls

It's not only conservationists who are keen to find and preserve our architectural heritage. Private developers too are well aware of the symbolic character and charm of old buildings. The worldwide trend toward urbanization is also increasing the demand for refurbishment and conversion in industrialized countries. Historic buildings are currently being sensitively redeveloped and interesting architecture is being created from ordinary purpose-built structures.

During the renovation process, buildings are adapted to meet current expectations in terms of accessibility, energy efficiency and sustainability. This calls for the use of non-polluting building materials, state-of-the-art technologies like the DORMA TMS Door Management System and user-friendly, flexible design solutions.


The most spectacular architectural projects do not necessarily start on green-field sites or on vacant lots in towns and cities. They often take place within the existing walls of historic buildings. The particular charm lies in the merging of architectural contrasts while maintaining the authenticity of the building. 


Two buildings that date back to the days of the British Empire – the former City Hall and Supreme Court – are being completely refurbished to create the new Singapore National Gallery, expected to combine a rich history with contemporary inspirations. An airy structure of glass and steel designed by studioMilou will link the two buildings. Behind the classical Corinthian columns, a highly modern interior is taking shape. Automatic DORMA sliding and swing doors - ED 200 and ES 200 - will keep visitors moving even on the busiest days. The opening is scheduled for November 2015.


National Gallery Singapore after refurbishment by studioMilou


The restructuring of the Maison de la Radio in Paris has been ongoing since 2010 – and looks set to last a few more years yet. During the construction work, though, the building continues to function. The design by AS.Architecture-Studio both respects and revolutionizes the original overall concept. The central tower is now surrounded by a huge atrium from which glass walkways lead to the circular building. At the end of 2014, the opening of the new auditorium was celebrated with several concert performances. The entire complex and the concert hall have been fitted out with the following DORMA TS 91, TS 92 and TS 93 door closer systems.


New atrium with high technology. Maison de la Radio


Hotel Eburon in Tongeren/Belgium was formerly an inn for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Inside the historic walls of the building, today's guests are greeted with a clear, graphic overall concept with strong color accents. In the lobby, the architects have positioned a glass cube as a windbreak where DORMA door operators ED 200 for the external swing door and internal sliding doors provide automatic access.


Eburon Hotel, Belgium, glass cube with swing and sliding doorsets


The young Spanish architectural office Ensamble Studio has transformed Madrid's 100+ year-old central slaughterhouse into an impressive cultural complex. At its hub is the "Casa del Lector," or the "House of the Reader".  The designers have created calm and very individual spaces while still retaining the charm of the old industrial buildings. Unobtrusive technology prevails, thanks to DORMA floor springs.


From municipal abattoir to cultural center. Casa del Lector, Madrid


Built in 1890, a fresh wind is now blowing through the historic Ulanen Barracks building. Thanks to a recent revitalization and extension project, it has been transformed into the new German head office of the Ideenbotschaft GREY advertising agency. DORMA glass doors ensure transparency and open communication.


Ideenbotschaft Grey, Dusseldorf


Not every renovation project is a complete refurbishment. Sometimes a simple facelift is enough to give a building a new, contemporary look. Take a look, for instance, at the new facade of the Debenhams store in Oxford Street, London's busiest shopping destination.


Debenhams, London


A new entrance can rejuvenate a building and make that all-important positive first impression. This is certainly the case with the office building at West Wacker Drive in Chicago, USA where the main entrance has been redesigned by DORMA. A new revolving door provides an elegant and climate-friendly reception.


KTV at West Wacker Drive, Chicago


State-of-the-art door systems also open the way to the art of the 21st century. DORMA swing doors ED 200 welcome visitors to the Museum K21 in Düsseldorf, Germany, which is located in the former assembly hall (Ständehaus), a magnificent building constructed at the end of the 19th century. Architect: Kiessler + Partner


ED 200 at K21 Museum, Dusseldorf